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Dan Chaon, Ill Will 
Dustin, a Cleveland psychologist in his 40s, is still damaged by the monstrous1 murder of his parents, aunt and uncle when he was 13. He testified against his older foster brother Rusty2, who was sentenced to life in prison. Dustin's wife is dying from ovarian cancer, and he can barely connect with his teenage sons. His professional distance is challenged by Aqil, a new client, a former policeman obsessed3 with a string of drownings of drunken young men. And he learns that new DNA4 evidence has freed Rusty. As Aqil draws Dustin into an amateur investigation5, Rusty reaches out to Dustin's troubled son Aaron. Imagine the shower scene in Psycho, extended across 11 sections and three decades, with multiple unsolved mysteries. That's the level of intensity6 Chaon achieves in this dark, provocative7 thriller8
Hannah Tinti, The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley 
Loo's mother Lily is dead, her devoted9 father Samuel is a mystery she deciphers through the dozen bullet wounds on his body - he, remarkably10 is alive - and his personal mementoes. At the age of 12 he teaches her how to shoot a gun. Shortly after, he moves her to her mother's hometown, a Massachusetts fishing village. There they subsist11 mostly on his catch and Loo deals with being an outsider at school. Over the years Loo questions her mother's death by drowning and discovers elements of her father's criminal past. Tinti spells it out in chapters based on each of the bullets that pierced his body (Bullet Number Three on Whidbey Island; Number Six in Alaska within view of the glacier12 where icebergs13 are born). 
Domenico Starnone, Ties 
Novelist Jhumpa Lahiri's first published translation of an Italian text is the 11th novel from the Strega-award winning Neapolitan writer Starnone. It's a story of family ties disrupted, and of the echoes of marital14 distress15 played out over many decades, into the next generation. Starnone toggles between past and present, giving equal time to the voices of Vanda and her husband Aldo, and adding the perspectives of their son Sandro and daughter Anna. He frames his tale with a mysterious home invasion. Each detail resonates, from the name of the family cat to the idiosyncratic way in which Aldo ties his shoes to his cherished Polaroids. Distinguished16 by its distinctive17 characters and clarity of tone, Ties is a gem18
Meg Howrey, The Wanderers 
Howrey's new novel was inspired by a 2011 news report on Mars500, a 520-day simulation of a space trip to Mars with a six-member crew from Russia, China and Europe. She gives equal time to Yoshi, Sergei and Helen, a crew of three astronauts from Japan, Russia and the US, who hope to be chosen for the Mars mission sponsored by a private company. As they endure a 17-month simulation, each must prove to have the stamina19, sanity20 and discipline to withstand the enforced isolation21 and the series of calculated failures created by the "sim" team. The key question for each: "Does it feel real?" 
Douglas Coupland, Bit Rot 
Canadian writer, designer and artist Coupland names his new collection of stories and essays for a digital archiving term describing how files can spontaneously decompose23. With characteristic wit, he extends that term to describe "the way my brain has been feeling since 2000, as I shed older and weaker neurons and connections and create and enhance new and unexpected ones." Bit Rot offers priceless insights. Few people are better at explaining the ramifications24 of the digital era.
Jami Attenberg, All Grown Up 
Andrea Bern is turning 40 soon. She's an independent woman: "I'm alone. I'm a drinker. I'm a former artist. I'm a shrieker25 in bed." Still, despite eight years in therapy, she's questioning what it means to be an adult. She left art school in Chicago to come back to New York ("Spiritually, it's a reverse commute"). She left her art career for a full-time26 job, chose not to marry or have a child. She's paid off her student loans, and furnished an apartment. Attenberg captures the kaleidoscopic27 flow of Andrea's life in spare and witty28 vignettes that build to a surprising and moving conclusion. 
Paul La Farge, The Night Ocean 
The bizarre and the scandalous float through this novel, an alternate history that speculates about the connection between seminal29 American horror writer HP Lovecraft and a gay fan named Robert Barlow. The two lived together for several months in 1934, when Lovecraft was 43 and Barlow was 16. They collaborated30 on a story called The Night Ocean before Lovecraft died in 1937. La Farge constructs a story within a story filled with artifice31 – a faux document (the Erotonimicon, a supposed Lovecraft diary), false identities and faked suicides. Psychiatrist32 Marina Willett watches as her husband Charlie becomes obsessed with Lovecraft and believes he has found Barlow alive and living in Canada. Then Charlie disappears. This many-layered literary mystery is chockablock with surprise appearances – William Burroughs, Ursula Le Guin, Diego Rivera, Roy Cohn, to name a few. 
Helene Cooper, Madame President 
Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist Cooper, who was born in Liberia, traces the rise of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first democratically elected female president in Africa and a 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner. Sirleaf was born in 1938, educated in Monrovia and the US (including a master's degree at Harvard), and served as finance minister. Jailed by the military dictator Samuel Doe, she went into exile. In the 2005 presidential elections, Sirleaf generated a huge voting bloc33 of Liberian women, leading her to victory. Cooper's incisive34 portrait is undergirded by her reporting on the country's internal power struggles and years of dictatorial35 rule, Doe's bloody36 military coup22 and civil war sparked by the notoriously brutal37 Charles Taylor. She also details the challenges Sirleaf met, including a $4.7 billion debt and the Ebola virus. 
Mathias Enard, Compass 
Compass chronicles one long night of memory, opium38, illness and insomnia39 spent by Franz Ritter, a musicologist with an interest in Iranian music. Franz is entranced with the intersection40 of East and West, and with Sarah, a copper-haired academic with a fiery41 intellect. Now Sarah has written him from Sarawak, bringing up recollections, including their intimate overnight in Palmyra, academic conferences in Tehran, a voyage to Beirut with Nadim, the Iranian musician she marries. Haunted by unrequited love, Franz meditates42 on his treasured compass, once owned by Beethoven, which always points east. Compass, which won France's Priz Goncourt, is poetic43, ironic44, irresistible45
Elif Batuman, The Idiot 
Selin, the daughter of Turkish immigrants, arrives at Harvard in 1995 – at the dawn of email – ready to take on all intellectual challenges that come her way. She makes friends with Svetlana, a Serbian classmate, and becomes close with Ivan, a Hungarian upperclassman. Thanks to Ivan, she spends the summer after her freshman46 year in Europe, with a job teaching English in Hungarian villages. Seline is open-minded and adventurous47 ("I got on a random48 tram to see where it went," she notes during a visit to Budapest). Batuman's sardonic49 wit makes for a delectable50 unfolding of Selin's experience of love, life and language.


1 monstrous vwFyM     
  • The smoke began to whirl and grew into a monstrous column.浓烟开始盘旋上升,形成了一个巨大的烟柱。
  • Your behaviour in class is monstrous!你在课堂上的行为真是丢人!
2 rusty hYlxq     
  • The lock on the door is rusty and won't open.门上的锁锈住了。
  • I haven't practiced my French for months and it's getting rusty.几个月不用,我的法语又荒疏了。
3 obsessed 66a4be1417f7cf074208a6d81c8f3384     
  • He's obsessed by computers. 他迷上了电脑。
  • The fear of death obsessed him throughout his old life. 他晚年一直受着死亡恐惧的困扰。
4 DNA 4u3z1l     
(缩)deoxyribonucleic acid 脱氧核糖核酸
  • DNA is stored in the nucleus of a cell.脱氧核糖核酸储存于细胞的细胞核里。
  • Gene mutations are alterations in the DNA code.基因突变是指DNA密码的改变。
5 investigation MRKzq     
  • In an investigation,a new fact became known, which told against him.在调查中新发现了一件对他不利的事实。
  • He drew the conclusion by building on his own investigation.他根据自己的调查研究作出结论。
6 intensity 45Ixd     
  • I didn't realize the intensity of people's feelings on this issue.我没有意识到这一问题能引起群情激奋。
  • The strike is growing in intensity.罢工日益加剧。
7 provocative e0Jzj     
  • She wore a very provocative dress.她穿了一件非常性感的裙子。
  • His provocative words only fueled the argument further.他的挑衅性讲话只能使争论进一步激化。
8 thriller RIhzU     
  • He began by writing a thriller.That book sold a million copies.他是写惊险小说起家的。那本书卖了一百万册。
  • I always take a thriller to read on the train.我乘火车时,总带一本惊险小说看。
9 devoted xu9zka     
  • He devoted his life to the educational cause of the motherland.他为祖国的教育事业贡献了一生。
  • We devoted a lengthy and full discussion to this topic.我们对这个题目进行了长时间的充分讨论。
10 remarkably EkPzTW     
  • I thought she was remarkably restrained in the circumstances. 我认为她在那种情况下非常克制。
  • He made a remarkably swift recovery. 他康复得相当快。
11 subsist rsYwy     
  • We are unable to subsist without air and water.没有空气和水我们就活不下去。
  • He could subsist on bark and grass roots in the isolated island.在荒岛上他只能靠树皮和草根维持生命。
12 glacier YeQzw     
  • The glacier calved a large iceberg.冰河崩解而形成一个大冰山。
  • The upper surface of glacier is riven by crevasses.冰川的上表面已裂成冰隙。
13 icebergs 71cdbb120fe8de8e449c16eaeca8d8a8     
n.冰山,流冰( iceberg的名词复数 )
  • The drift of the icebergs in the sea endangers the ships. 海上冰山的漂流危及船只的安全。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The icebergs towered above them. 冰山高耸于他们上方。 来自辞典例句
14 marital SBixg     
  • Her son had no marital problems.她的儿子没有婚姻问题。
  • I regret getting involved with my daughter's marital problems;all its done is to bring trouble about my ears.我后悔干涉我女儿的婚姻问题, 现在我所做的一切将给我带来无穷的烦恼。
15 distress 3llzX     
  • Nothing could alleviate his distress.什么都不能减轻他的痛苦。
  • Please don't distress yourself.请你不要忧愁了。
16 distinguished wu9z3v     
  • Elephants are distinguished from other animals by their long noses.大象以其长长的鼻子显示出与其他动物的不同。
  • A banquet was given in honor of the distinguished guests.宴会是为了向贵宾们致敬而举行的。
17 distinctive Es5xr     
  • She has a very distinctive way of walking.她走路的样子与别人很不相同。
  • This bird has several distinctive features.这个鸟具有几种突出的特征。
18 gem Ug8xy     
n.宝石,珠宝;受爱戴的人 [同]jewel
  • The gem is beyond my pocket.这颗宝石我可买不起。
  • The little gem is worth two thousand dollars.这块小宝石价值两千美元。
19 stamina br8yJ     
  • I lacked the stamina to run the whole length of the race.我没有跑完全程的耐力。
  • Giving up smoking had a magical effect on his stamina.戒烟神奇地增强了他的体力。
20 sanity sCwzH     
  • I doubt the sanity of such a plan.我怀疑这个计划是否明智。
  • She managed to keep her sanity throughout the ordeal.在那场磨难中她始终保持神志正常。
21 isolation 7qMzTS     
  • The millionaire lived in complete isolation from the outside world.这位富翁过着与世隔绝的生活。
  • He retired and lived in relative isolation.他退休后,生活比较孤寂。
22 coup co5z4     
  • The monarch was ousted by a military coup.那君主被军事政变者废黜了。
  • That government was overthrown in a military coup three years ago.那个政府在3年前的军事政变中被推翻。
23 decompose knPzS     
  • The eggs began to decompose after a day in the sun.鸡蛋在太阳下放了一天后开始变坏。
  • Most animals decompose very quickly after death.大多数动物死后很快腐烂。
24 ramifications 45f4d7d5a0d59c5d453474d22bf296ae     
n.结果,后果( ramification的名词复数 )
  • These changes are bound to have widespread social ramifications. 这些变化注定会造成许多难以预料的社会后果。
  • What are the ramifications of our decision to join the union? 我们决定加入工会会引起哪些后果呢? 来自《简明英汉词典》
25 shrieker 8646cf17eb56b14f616268142d551750     
尖叫( shriek的过去式和过去分词 )
  • She shrieked in fright. 她吓得尖叫起来。
  • Li Mei-t'ing gave a shout, and Lu Tzu-hsiao shrieked, "Tell what? 李梅亭大声叫,陆子潇尖声叫:“告诉什么?
26 full-time SsBz42     
  • A full-time job may be too much for her.全天工作她恐怕吃不消。
  • I don't know how she copes with looking after her family and doing a full-time job.既要照顾家庭又要全天工作,我不知道她是如何对付的。
27 kaleidoscopic M3MxR     
  • London is a kaleidoscopic world.伦敦是个天花筒般的世界。
  • The transfer of administrative personnel in that colony was so frequent as to create kaleidoscopic effect.在那个殖民地,官员调动频繁,就象走马灯似的。
28 witty GMmz0     
  • Her witty remarks added a little salt to the conversation.她的妙语使谈话增添了一些风趣。
  • He scored a bull's-eye in their argument with that witty retort.在他们的辩论中他那一句机智的反驳击中了要害。
29 seminal Qzrwo     
  • The reforms have been a seminal event in the history of the NHS.这些改革已成为英国国民保健制度史上影响深远的一件大事。
  • The emperor's importance as a seminal figure of history won't be diminished.做为一个开创性历史人物的重要性是不会减弱的。
30 collaborated c49a4f9c170cb7c268fccb474f5f0d4f     
合作( collaborate的过去式和过去分词 ); 勾结叛国
  • We have collaborated on many projects over the years. 这些年来我们合作搞了许多项目。
  • We have collaborated closely with the university on this project. 我们与大学在这个专案上紧密合作。
31 artifice 3NxyI     
  • The use of mirrors in a room is an artifice to make the room look larger.利用镜子装饰房间是使房间显得大一点的巧妙办法。
  • He displayed a great deal of artifice in decorating his new house.他在布置新房子中表现出富有的技巧。
32 psychiatrist F0qzf     
  • He went to a psychiatrist about his compulsive gambling.他去看精神科医生治疗不能自拔的赌瘾。
  • The psychiatrist corrected him gently.精神病医师彬彬有礼地纠正他。
33 bloc RxFzsg;联盟
  • A solid bloc of union members support the decision.工会会员团结起来支持该决定。
  • There have been growing tensions within the trading bloc.贸易同盟国的关系越来越紧张。
34 incisive vkQyj     
  • His incisive remarks made us see the problems in our plans.他的话切中要害,使我们看到了计划中的一些问题。
  • He combined curious qualities of naivety with incisive wit and worldly sophistication.他集天真质朴的好奇、锐利的机智和老练的世故于一体。
35 dictatorial 3lAzp     
adj. 独裁的,专断的
  • Her father is very dictatorial.她父亲很专横。
  • For years the nation had been under the heel of a dictatorial regime.多年来这个国家一直在独裁政权的铁蹄下。
36 bloody kWHza     
  • He got a bloody nose in the fight.他在打斗中被打得鼻子流血。
  • He is a bloody fool.他是一个十足的笨蛋。
37 brutal bSFyb     
  • She has to face the brutal reality.她不得不去面对冷酷的现实。
  • They're brutal people behind their civilised veneer.他们表面上温文有礼,骨子里却是野蛮残忍。
38 opium c40zw     
  • That man gave her a dose of opium.那男人给了她一剂鸦片。
  • Opium is classed under the head of narcotic.鸦片是归入麻醉剂一类的东西。
39 insomnia EbFzK     
  • Worries and tenseness can lead to insomnia.忧虑和紧张会导致失眠。
  • He is suffering from insomnia.他患失眠症。
40 intersection w54xV     
n.交集,十字路口,交叉点;[计算机] 交集
  • There is a stop sign at an intersection.在交叉路口处有停车标志。
  • Bridges are used to avoid the intersection of a railway and a highway.桥用来避免铁路和公路直接交叉。
41 fiery ElEye     
  • She has fiery red hair.她有一头火红的头发。
  • His fiery speech agitated the crowd.他热情洋溢的讲话激动了群众。
42 meditates 5d94a5d16cb5b92e3d0fd4f14d010500     
深思,沉思,冥想( meditate的第三人称单数 ); 内心策划,考虑
  • He purges his subconscious and meditates only on God. 他净化他的潜意识且只思念上帝。
  • He meditates away eight or ten hours every day. 他每天花8或10小时作沉思冥想。
43 poetic b2PzT     
  • His poetic idiom is stamped with expressions describing group feeling and thought.他的诗中的措辞往往带有描写群体感情和思想的印记。
  • His poetic novels have gone through three different historical stages.他的诗情小说创作经历了三个不同的历史阶段。
44 ironic 1atzm     
  • That is a summary and ironic end.那是一个具有概括性和讽刺意味的结局。
  • People used to call me Mr Popularity at high school,but they were being ironic.人们中学时常把我称作“万人迷先生”,但他们是在挖苦我。
45 irresistible n4CxX     
  • The wheel of history rolls forward with an irresistible force.历史车轮滚滚向前,势不可挡。
  • She saw an irresistible skirt in the store window.她看见商店的橱窗里有一条叫人着迷的裙子。
46 freshman 1siz9r     
  • Jack decided to live in during his freshman year at college.杰克决定大一时住校。
  • He is a freshman in the show business.他在演艺界是一名新手。
47 adventurous LKryn     
  • I was filled with envy at their adventurous lifestyle.我很羨慕他们敢于冒险的生活方式。
  • He was predestined to lead an adventurous life.他注定要过冒险的生活。
48 random HT9xd     
  • The list is arranged in a random order.名单排列不分先后。
  • On random inspection the meat was found to be bad.经抽查,发现肉变质了。
49 sardonic jYyxL     
  • She gave him a sardonic smile.她朝他讥讽地笑了一笑。
  • There was a sardonic expression on her face.她脸上有一种嘲讽的表情。
50 delectable gxGxP     
  • What delectable food you cook!你做的食品真好吃!
  • But today the delectable seafood is no longer available in abundance.但是今天这种可口的海味已不再大量存在。
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