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The Lovely Bones By Alice Sebold; 400 pages
Because Susie made us trust -- and cry for -- a ghost.
In Sebold's first novel, The Lovely Bones, she has crafted a gripping tale of tragedy. Part detective story, part family drama, part meditation1 on what lies beyond, The Lovely Bones is a page-turner in the most literary sense.
Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn; 422 pages
Because Flynn nails an age-old fear: Do we really know the people closest to us?
As the story unfolds in precise and riveting2 prose, readers will find they are being manipulated by the unreliable narrator Nick. Still, even one notices this, searching for the missing pieces is half the thrill of this wickedly absorbing tale.
Interpreter of Maladies By Jhumpa Lahiri; 198 pages
Because change is inevitable3...and nobody knows what the heck to do about it.
The author's details about the specific Indian culture were so precise and evocative, and yet her insights into family dynamics4, homesickness and the ways we grapple with shifting circumstances resonated with us all.

Life of Pi By Yann Martel; 326 pages
Because we can't resist a didn't-see-it-coming spiritual punch.
The novel asked us to think how we endure tragedy, who we become in its wake and how, within it, we may just find both the terrifying and the miraculous5.
The Fault in Our Stars By John Green; 336 pages
Because we all need to feel first love again; even if we know the horrible sob-fest to come at the end.
Sixteen-year-old Hazel faces terminal cancer with humor and pluck. But it isn't until she meets Augustus in a support group that she understands how to love or live fully6.
The novel asked us to think how we enduretragedy, who we become in its wake and how, within it, we may just find both the terrifying and the miraculous.
Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China By Jung Chang; 538 pages
Because we got a literary visa to a long-hidden part of the world.
Chang's memoir7 reads like a blockbuster multigenerational novel, but it's true. Through the portrait of her family, Chang paints a picture of mid-20th-century China, the suffering of its people and the resilience of women everywhere.
Wild By Cheryl Strayed; 315 pages
Because Strayed showed us how to leave our tough, destructive pasts 1,100 miles behind us.
Cheryl Strayed, 26, admitted herself as a total mess. She righted herself by setting out to hike up the Pacific Crest8 Trail. How she did it, and what she learned about life, love, and survival of the emotional and physical sort, is the subject of her moving memoir, Wild.
White Teeth By Zadie Smith; 464 pages
Because wildly smart novels never go out of style.
In her daring debut9 novel, Zadie Smith takes us straight to 1970s multicultural10 London. Smith's wit and audacity11 is simply irresistible12 -- as she had written entirely13 in the language of charisma14.


1 meditation yjXyr     
  • This peaceful garden lends itself to meditation.这个恬静的花园适于冥想。
  • I'm sorry to interrupt your meditation.很抱歉,我打断了你的沉思。
2 riveting HjrznM     
  • I find snooker riveting though I don't play myself.虽然我自己不打斯诺克,但是我觉得它挺令人着迷。
  • To my amazement,I found it riveting.但令我惊讶的是,我发现它的吸引人处。
3 inevitable 5xcyq     
  • Mary was wearing her inevitable large hat.玛丽戴着她总是戴的那顶大帽子。
  • The defeat had inevitable consequences for British policy.战败对英国政策不可避免地产生了影响。
4 dynamics NuSzQq     
  • In order to succeed,you must master complicated knowledge of dynamics.要取得胜利,你必须掌握很复杂的动力学知识。
  • Dynamics is a discipline that cannot be mastered without extensive practice.动力学是一门不做大量习题就不能掌握的学科。
5 miraculous DDdxA     
  • The wounded man made a miraculous recovery.伤员奇迹般地痊愈了。
  • They won a miraculous victory over much stronger enemy.他们战胜了远比自己强大的敌人,赢得了非凡的胜利。
6 fully Gfuzd     
  • The doctor asked me to breathe in,then to breathe out fully.医生让我先吸气,然后全部呼出。
  • They soon became fully integrated into the local community.他们很快就完全融入了当地人的圈子。
7 memoir O7Hz7     
  • He has just published a memoir in honour of his captain.他刚刚出了一本传记来纪念他的队长。
  • In her memoir,the actress wrote about the bittersweet memories of her first love.在那个女演员的自传中,她写到了自己苦乐掺半的初恋。
8 crest raqyA     
  • The rooster bristled his crest.公鸡竖起了鸡冠。
  • He reached the crest of the hill before dawn.他于黎明前到达山顶。
9 debut IxGxy     
  • That same year he made his Broadway debut, playing a suave radio journalist.在那同一年里,他初次在百老汇登台,扮演一个温文而雅的电台记者。
  • The actress made her debut in the new comedy.这位演员在那出新喜剧中首次登台演出。
10 multicultural qnIzdX     
  • Children growing up in a multicultural society.在多元文化社会中长大的孩子们。
  • The school has been attempting to bring a multicultural perspective to its curriculum.这所学校已经在尝试将一种多元文化视角引入其课程。
11 audacity LepyV     
  • He had the audacity to ask for an increase in salary.他竟然厚着脸皮要求增加薪水。
  • He had the audacity to pick pockets in broad daylight.他竟敢在光天化日之下掏包。
12 irresistible n4CxX     
  • The wheel of history rolls forward with an irresistible force.历史车轮滚滚向前,势不可挡。
  • She saw an irresistible skirt in the store window.她看见商店的橱窗里有一条叫人着迷的裙子。
13 entirely entirely     
  • The fire was entirely caused by their neglect of duty. 那场火灾完全是由于他们失职而引起的。
  • His life was entirely given up to the educational work. 他的一生统统献给了教育工作。
14 charisma uX3ze     
  • He has enormous charisma. He is a giant of a man.他有超凡的个人魅力,是个伟人。
  • I don't have the charisma to pull a crowd this size.我没有那么大的魅力,能吸引这么多人。
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