Crystal shoes of Cinderella
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"Hi! John." Mary ran towards me with a rare bright smile on her face, saying, "I'm gonna have a dance performance tonight. I hope you'll come. Here is the ticket. Don't forget!" She left in a hurry, disappearing in the throngs1(人群) of people quickly.

"What?! What performance? Dance? Is that credible2?" I asked myself. Mary was not such kind of girl. She was a quite ordinary one. I had never seen her making up or wearing attractive clothes, moreover, she always wore her big black-frame glasses, for she did not know how to dress up indeed. What a terrible thing, especially for a plain girl!

"I should go to, I must go to. That's a miracle!" I thought.

I arrived at the hall with the ticket, and found my seat. Her performance was the seventh one. I knew I would suffer from a hard time before her turn, for I had no sense of art, but her performance was worth of watching, no matter how long I would wait for.

Time went slowly, I struggled with myself not to fall asleep.

"Let's welcome the next exciting dance — Latin!" Applause filled the hall at once.

I opened my eyes as large as possible, fearing to lose anything. Wearing a golden and shining skirt, Mary appeared on the glorious stage. Her dress went well with the brilliant lights. Such scene seemed to be a mermaiden showing up under the glittering sunshine, meanwhile, I could feel all the audience in the hall focused their eyes on her and it was also hard for me to remove my sights from her. She was so beautiful: her stature3 was slim; her long golden hair lay back in curls over her delicate ears. Dancing with a charming smile, she was fully4 absorbed in the Latin music. At this moment, she looked like a pretty butterfly flying on the splendid stage… I could hardly believe my eyes.

After all the performance ended, I waited for her at the gate.

"Hi!" She stood in front of me with a bag and her crystal high-heeled shoes in her hands, and dressed as she used to be, but the making-up still could be seen.

"How do you feel?" There was not a little bit tired expression appeared on her face.

"Fantastic!" I answered.

"Ha, ha. I knew it would be." She could not conceal5 her excitement, laughing like a child.

"May I lend a hand?"

"Thank you!" She handed her crystal shoes to me which were shining in the wonderful starry6 night(繁星之夜) ; at the mean time, I realized that every girl has a pair of special shoes which are like the crystal shoes of Cinderella(灰姑娘) .


1 throngs 5e6c4de77c525e61a9aea0c24215278d     
n.人群( throng的名词复数 )v.成群,挤满( throng的第三人称单数 )
  • She muscled through the throngs of people, frantically searching for David. 她使劲挤过人群,拼命寻找戴维。 来自辞典例句
  • Our friends threaded their way slowly through the throngs upon the Bridge. 我们这两位朋友在桥上从人群中穿过,慢慢地往前走。 来自辞典例句
2 credible JOAzG     
  • The news report is hardly credible.这则新闻报道令人难以置信。
  • Is there a credible alternative to the nuclear deterrent?是否有可以取代核威慑力量的可靠办法?
3 stature ruLw8     
  • He is five feet five inches in stature.他身高5英尺5英寸。
  • The dress models are tall of stature.时装模特儿的身材都较高。
4 fully Gfuzd     
  • The doctor asked me to breathe in,then to breathe out fully.医生让我先吸气,然后全部呼出。
  • They soon became fully integrated into the local community.他们很快就完全融入了当地人的圈子。
5 conceal DpYzt     
  • He had to conceal his identity to escape the police.为了躲避警方,他只好隐瞒身份。
  • He could hardly conceal his joy at his departure.他几乎掩饰不住临行时的喜悦。
6 starry VhWzfP     
adj.星光照耀的, 闪亮的
  • He looked at the starry heavens.他瞧着布满星星的天空。
  • I like the starry winter sky.我喜欢这满天星斗的冬夜。
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