Historically Speaking
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Historically Speaking
Stephen Dunn
It was a year of pirates in speedboats, 
 anonymous bullies1 spreading privacies 
 on the Internet, and the worst of them 
 doing worse than that and wishing to be known 
 for what they'd done, their perfidy 
 an advertisement for a cause. 
Thus it was a bad year for historians, 
 whose stories couldn't be correct 
 for longer than a few days. More than ever 
 the imperfections of memory 
 would combine with the slipperiness 
 of documentation to produce versions 
 only people who need not be persuaded
 could agree with. 
It was a war 
 where the enemy sometimes was wearing 
 the same clothes as its opponent, 
 and both sides believed their cause 
 was righteous, and years from now the victors, 
 if we were unlucky, would tell it as it wasn't, 
unless we were the victors, and our historians 
 would tell it from so many angles 
 that both was and wasn't 
 would read like a symphony of discordancies, 
 an honoring of so many counterpoints 
 that I, for one, might find a place to rest uneasy, 
 historically speaking, among all the bloodshed, 
 the horror, which would stop for a while and continue.


1 bullies bullies     
n.欺凌弱小者, 开球 vt.恐吓, 威胁, 欺负
  • Standing up to bullies takes plenty of backbone. 勇敢地对付暴徒需有大无畏精神。
  • Bullies can make your life hell. 恃强欺弱者能让你的日子像活地狱。
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