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Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction
Philip Tetlock and Dan Gardner
A scientific analysis of the ancient art of divination1 which shows that forecasting is a talent; luckily it can be learned. You need a healthy appetite for information, a willingness to revisit predictions in light of new data, and the ability to synthesise material from sources with very different outlooks on the world.
Neurotribes: The Legacy2 of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity
Steve Silberman
The descriptions of how autistic children were treated in the 20th century is especially shocking.
The Vital Question: Why Is Life the Way It Is?
Nick Lane
A persuasive3 and demanding attempt, by a thought-provoking British scientist, a biochemist at University College London, to answer some of the most fundamental questions in biology. It posits4 a new theory of how life came to be.
Humans Need Not Apply: A Guide to Wealth and Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Jerry Kaplan
An intriguing5, insightful and well-written look at how modern artificial intelligence, powering algorithms and robots, threatens jobs and may increase wealth inequalities, by a Silicon6 Valley entrepreneur and AI expert.
Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension
Matt Parker
This is an unusual, in-depth but highly accessible popular-maths book by a member of the London Mathematical Society who also has a sideline in stand-up comedy.
Seven Brief Lessons on Physics
Carlo Rovelli
A startling and illustrative distillation7 of centuries of science by an Italian theoretical physicist8.
The New Wild: Why Invasive Species Will Be Nature's Salvation9
Fred Pearce
A carefully researched, analytical10 look at the effects that new species have on different environments into which they are introduced. The book debunks11 poor science and the cherry-picking of statistical12 examples to feed hysteria about keeping invasive species out and protecting an imaginary perfect past.
Adventures in Human Being
Gavin Francis
A Scottish doctor takes a delightful13 journey closer to home, through the wondrous14 human body, from top to tail, inside to out.
Spirals in Time: The Secret Life and Curious Afterlife of Seashells
Helen Scales
A marine15 biologist-turned-science writer describes coming face-to-shell with a giant clam16 on the Great Barrier Reef, enjoying a bag of smoked oysters17 in Gambia and meeting a sea-silk seamstress in Italy. She makes an impassioned and convincing argument that, contrary to expectations, molluscs have much to teach us.
How to Talk about Videogames
Ian Bogost
Some say video games are the great sport of the 21st century, the summit of art and entertainment. Others call them mindless. Meditative18 essays on the meaning of gaming, by a game designer and professor of interactive19 computing20.


1 divination LPJzf     
  • Divination is made up of a little error and superstition,plus a lot of fraud.占卜是由一些谬误和迷信构成,再加上大量的欺骗。
  • Katherine McCormack goes beyond horoscopes and provides a quick guide to other forms of divination.凯瑟琳·麦考马克超越了占星并给其它形式的预言提供了快速的指导。
2 legacy 59YzD     
  • They are the most precious cultural legacy our forefathers left.它们是我们祖先留下来的最宝贵的文化遗产。
  • He thinks the legacy is a gift from the Gods.他认为这笔遗产是天赐之物。
3 persuasive 0MZxR     
  • His arguments in favour of a new school are very persuasive.他赞成办一座新学校的理由很有说服力。
  • The evidence was not really persuasive enough.证据并不是太有说服力。
4 posits 8950efc94f9b4ac24ee8a6f147f5c198     
v.假定,设想,假设( posit的第三人称单数 )
  • If a book is hard going, it ought to be good. If it posits a complex moral situation, it ought to be even better. 如果一本书很难读,那么它应该是一本好书;如果它提出了一个复杂的道德状况,那么它就更应该是本好书了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Ray posits that this miracle is an object lesson for the disciples. 雷把这个奇事当作教训信徒们的事件。 来自互联网
5 intriguing vqyzM1     
  • These discoveries raise intriguing questions. 这些发现带来了非常有趣的问题。
  • It all sounds very intriguing. 这些听起来都很有趣。 来自《简明英汉词典》
6 silicon dykwJ     
  • This company pioneered the use of silicon chip.这家公司开创了使用硅片的方法。
  • A chip is a piece of silicon about the size of a postage stamp.芯片就是一枚邮票大小的硅片。
7 distillation vsexs     
  • The discovery of distillation is usually accredited to the Arabs of the 11th century.通常认为,蒸馏法是阿拉伯人在11世纪发明的。
  • The oil is distilled from the berries of this small tree.油是从这种小树的浆果中提炼出来的。
8 physicist oNqx4     
  • He is a physicist of the first rank.他是一流的物理学家。
  • The successful physicist never puts on airs.这位卓有成就的物理学家从不摆架子。
9 salvation nC2zC     
  • Salvation lay in political reform.解救办法在于政治改革。
  • Christians hope and pray for salvation.基督教徒希望并祈祷灵魂得救。
10 analytical lLMyS     
  • I have an analytical approach to every survey.对每项调查我都采用分析方法。
  • As a result,analytical data obtained by analysts were often in disagreement.结果各个分析家所得的分析数据常常不一致。
11 debunks d3f83dd543ac1cbd564d0bb84f713e52     
v.揭穿真相,暴露( debunk的第三人称单数 )
  • Historian Michael Beschloss debunks a few myths. 历史学家迈克尔·贝施洛斯破除了几个不实传言。 来自柯林斯例句
12 statistical bu3wa     
  • He showed the price fluctuations in a statistical table.他用统计表显示价格的波动。
  • They're making detailed statistical analysis.他们正在做具体的统计分析。
13 delightful 6xzxT     
  • We had a delightful time by the seashore last Sunday.上星期天我们在海滨玩得真痛快。
  • Peter played a delightful melody on his flute.彼得用笛子吹奏了一支欢快的曲子。
14 wondrous pfIyt     
  • The internal structure of the Department is wondrous to behold.看一下国务院的内部结构是很有意思的。
  • We were driven across this wondrous vast land of lakes and forests.我们乘车穿越这片有着湖泊及森林的广袤而神奇的土地。
15 marine 77Izo     
  • Marine creatures are those which live in the sea. 海洋生物是生存在海里的生物。
  • When the war broke out,he volunteered for the Marine Corps.战争爆发时,他自愿参加了海军陆战队。
16 clam Fq3zk     
  • Yup!I also like clam soup and sea cucumbers.对呀!我还喜欢蛤仔汤和海参。
  • The barnacle and the clam are two examples of filter feeders.藤壶和蛤类是滤过觅食者的两种例子。
17 oysters 713202a391facaf27aab568d95bdc68f     
牡蛎( oyster的名词复数 )
  • We don't have oysters tonight, but the crayfish are very good. 我们今晚没有牡蛎供应。但小龙虾是非常好。
  • She carried a piping hot grill of oysters and bacon. 她端出一盘滚烫的烤牡蛎和咸肉。
18 meditative Djpyr     
  • A stupid fellow is talkative;a wise man is meditative.蠢人饶舌,智者思虑。
  • Music can induce a meditative state in the listener.音乐能够引导倾听者沉思。
19 interactive KqZzFY     
  • The psychotherapy is carried out in small interactive groups.这种心理治疗是在互动的小组之间进行的。
  • This will make videogames more interactive than ever.这将使电子游戏的互动性更胜以往。
20 computing tvBzxs     
  • to work in computing 从事信息处理
  • Back in the dark ages of computing, in about 1980, they started a software company. 早在计算机尚未普及的时代(约1980年),他们就创办了软件公司。
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