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10. Yaa Gyasi, Homegoing 
Gyasi creates an unforgettable cast of characters as she follows seven generations of a family through the dislocations and continuing repercussions1 of slavery. 
9. Sarah Bakewell, At the Existentialist Café 
Bakewell's idiosyncratic begins At the Existentialist Café. She tracks the growth of Existentialism, and shows how its emphasis on authenticity2 and freedom are relevant today. 
8. Ruth Franklin, Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life 
Shirley Jackson was best known for literary suspense3. Jackson's unique contribution, writes Franklin, was "her primary focus" on the lives of her generation of women who were raised in the mid4 20th Century. 
7. Liz Moore, The Unseen World 
Moore captures the powerful ties between father and daughter as she unspools a string of compelling scientific and personal mysteries. 
6. Ben H Winters, Underground Airlines 
Winters' timely new work of speculative5 fiction is set in an alternative US: Lincoln never became president, the Civil War never happened, and there are still slaves in the certain states. Winters, an Edgar award winner, has crafted a fast-moving thriller6 with a contemporary ethical7 framework. 
5. Teju Cole, Known and Strange Things 
Cole shows a breathtaking range in his splendid new collection of 55 essays. His cultural criticism is filled with surprising connections and intelligent provocations8
4. Adam Haslett, Imagine Me Gone 
Imagine Me Gone is a powerful story of loss and love. We've come to know intimately the joys and struggles of each member of a troubled family by its heart-wrenching conclusion.
3. Ann Patchett, Commonwealth 
Patchett, winner of the 2001 Orange Prize, opens her brilliantly structured new novel. Betrayals and forgiveness are at the centre of this complex and memorable9 family drama. 
2. CE Morgan, The Sport of Kings 
Morgan's ambitious and epic10 tale of a racehorse bred to win the Triple Crown of elite11 US thoroughbred contests spans several centuries. 
1. Dana Spiotta, Innocents and Others 
Spiotta raises questions about truth, reality and how the digital world is affecting us all in her new novel. An innovative12 and provocative13 stunner.


1 repercussions 4fac33c46ab5414927945f4d05f0769d     
n.后果,反响( repercussion的名词复数 );余波
  • The collapse of the company will have repercussions for the whole industry. 这家公司的垮台将会给整个行业造成间接的负面影响。
  • Human acts have repercussions far beyond the frontiers of the human world. 人类行为所产生的影响远远超出人类世界的范围。 来自《简明英汉词典》
2 authenticity quyzq     
  • There has been some debate over the authenticity of his will. 对于他的遗嘱的真实性一直有争论。
  • The museum is seeking an expert opinion on the authenticity of the painting. 博物馆在请专家鉴定那幅画的真伪。
3 suspense 9rJw3     
  • The suspense was unbearable.这样提心吊胆的状况实在叫人受不了。
  • The director used ingenious devices to keep the audience in suspense.导演用巧妙手法引起观众的悬念。
4 mid doTzSB     
  • Our mid-term exam is pending.我们就要期中考试了。
  • He switched over to teaching in mid-career.他在而立之年转入教学工作。
5 speculative uvjwd     
  • Much of our information is speculative.我们的许多信息是带推测性的。
  • The report is highly speculative and should be ignored.那个报道推测的成分很大,不应理会。
6 thriller RIhzU     
  • He began by writing a thriller.That book sold a million copies.他是写惊险小说起家的。那本书卖了一百万册。
  • I always take a thriller to read on the train.我乘火车时,总带一本惊险小说看。
7 ethical diIz4     
  • It is necessary to get the youth to have a high ethical concept.必须使青年具有高度的道德观念。
  • It was a debate which aroused fervent ethical arguments.那是一场引发强烈的伦理道德争论的辩论。
8 provocations d884c73199161d0601a7f1241a3fb110     
n.挑衅( provocation的名词复数 );激怒;刺激;愤怒的原因
  • We cannot ignore such provocations. 对于这种挑衅,我们不能置之不理。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • They must immediately cease all their provocations. 他们必须停止一切挑衅。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
9 memorable K2XyQ     
  • This was indeed the most memorable day of my life.这的确是我一生中最值得怀念的日子。
  • The veteran soldier has fought many memorable battles.这个老兵参加过许多难忘的战斗。
10 epic ui5zz     
  • I gave up my epic and wrote this little tale instead.我放弃了写叙事诗,而写了这个小故事。
  • They held a banquet of epic proportions.他们举行了盛大的宴会。
11 elite CqzxN     
  • The power elite inside the government is controlling foreign policy.政府内部的一群握有实权的精英控制着对外政策。
  • We have a political elite in this country.我们国家有一群政治精英。
12 innovative D6Vxq     
  • Discover an innovative way of marketing.发现一个创新的营销方式。
  • He was one of the most creative and innovative engineers of his generation.他是他那代人当中最富创造性与革新精神的工程师之一。
13 provocative e0Jzj     
  • She wore a very provocative dress.她穿了一件非常性感的裙子。
  • His provocative words only fueled the argument further.他的挑衅性讲话只能使争论进一步激化。
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