Love People In All Kinds Of Weather
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Make sure your love is unconditional1. Make sure you love people in all kinds of "weather". Or else what is the use if we love a person only when he is good or she is nice? When I need the people most that's when they leave me. All the time. So please, I hope you won't be like that. We always have to consider the other party, your companion's situation and mood. Maybe he's in difficulty2 right now. That's why his mood is not so sweet.
Maybe she has so much work to do and so many headaches, so she cannot be so darling like usual. That time is the time when we need to show our most noble3 quality, the way we want ourselves to be.
It's not that if you are sweet to that person then he will love you more. Maybe he will, maybe he won't. But that is not the point to be good and to be noble. To be good, to be noble is for ourselves because we choose to be that way, we want to keep being that way, and we feel good about it. It's not because, "Okay, now he needs me more. If I show more sympathy4, then our love will be stronger"; It's not even to be considered.
But most of the time we fail the test. When people are in most difficulty, we just leave them, or we are cold and indifferent5. "Oh, you're not nice to me. All right, all right.";"You'll come and need me soon."; Of course they will. When they're in a better mood, when everything goes better, of course they'll come around. But then it's too late. Then it is not love anymore. It's just a need for each other. That's different, because you are used to each other and you need each other sometimes out of habit, out of convenience, out of financial security6 reasons -- anything. But it's not true love.


1 unconditional plcwS     
  • The victorious army demanded unconditional surrender.胜方要求敌人无条件投降。
  • My love for all my children is unconditional.我对自己所有孩子的爱都是无条件的。
2 difficulty pvUxW     
  • If there is any difficulty,please let us know promptly.倘有困难,请迅速通知我们。
  • A little difficulty like this is nothing to us.这点困难算不了什么。
3 noble 1GaxV     
  • He is a noble man,we all admire him.他是一个道德高尚的人,我们都敬佩他。
  • Niagara falls is a noble sight.尼亚加拉瀑布是一壮观的景色。
4 sympathy WHzzK     
  • He felt great sympathy for these people.他很同情这些人。
  • Sympathy is his best quality.同情心是他最好的品质。
5 indifferent N86xO     
  • Her English is indifferent.她的英文很一般。
  • His manner was cold and indifferent.他的态度既冷淡又无动于衷。
6 security iTdzh     
  • A security guard brought him down with a flying tackle.一名保安人员飞身把他抱倒。
  • There was tight security at the airport when the President's plane landed.总统的专机降落时,机场的保安措施很严密。
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