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above all - most importantly
account for - explain
as a matter of fact - in fact ,to speak the truth
as a rule - generally ;normally
about to - be ready to;be on the point of doing something
an old hand - be an experienced persom
any day now -soon
approach sb -talk to sb
be fed up with - be out of patience with
be on one"s own - live independently

be on the safe side - take no chances
be out of something - have no longer in supply
be tired of - be bored with ,frustrated with
be up to ones"ears - be extremely busy
be up to someone -be a person"s responsibility
be out for -trying to get
be out of the question - be unacceptable ,impossible
bite off more than one can chew - take on more than one can handle
break down - cease to function
break the ice - begin to be friendly wuth people one doesn"t know

break the news - inform or give bad news
brush up on - imporve noe"s knowledge of something through study
bump into - meet unexpectedly
by and large - in general
by heart - by memory
by all means - absolutely ,definitely
by no means - in no way
call off -cancel
cheer up - be happy
come down with - become sick with

come into -receive,especially after another"s death
come up with - think of
count on - depend upon
count out - eliminate
die down - become quiet ,become less
do without - manage without something
drop by - visit informally; pay a short visit
every other - alternate
fall behind - lag; fail to accomplish something on time
fall through - fail to happen or be completed