You'd Better Not Talk With Him
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Mr Brown had1 lived in a village before he became2 a famous3 lawyer4. He remembered his hard life5 during6 studying in the colleage. And his parents borrowed7 much money for him. So he worked hard and tried his best to get more money.
Now he lives in a beautiful house with his family and his son Rechard is clever. He likes the boy very much and sends him to the best school in the city. He hopes8 Rechard to live a happy life and buys everything the boy wants. He wishs his son could9 become a great scientist10.
But he doesn't know Rechard hates11 studying and spents much time in playing. Now he's interested12 in fishing13 and sometimes cuts classes. So he fails14 in the exams15. Miss Young, his headteacher16, tells him not to do that, but he doesn't listen to her. She becomes angry after the boy was17 late again one afternoon.
"I'll visit your father tomorrow evening, Rechard, "says Miss Young. "I will ask a good way to educate18 you."
"You'd better not talk with him, madam," says the boy. "Or you'll pay19 for a fee20 for his advisory21 service22!"


1 had FeBxb     
  • I just had a good idea!我有个好主意!
  • The boy had a small branch of a tree in his hand.这个男孩手上拿一条小树枝。
2 became nQoyl     
  • He became a doctor at the age of 27.他27岁时成了一名医生。
  • He became a millionaire when he was still young.他还年轻时就成了百万富翁。
3 famous xloxC     
  • The hotel is famous for its suppers.那个酒店以晚餐而著称。
  • He is famous for his learning.他以有学问而出名。
4 lawyer w1ixx     
  • My son is a lawyer.我儿子是律师。
  • A lawyer is often called in to write a will.律师常被请来写遗嘱。
5 life C1LxR     
  • The doctor came in time to save his life.医生及时来抢救他的生命。
  • At last he knew the meaning of life.终于,他知道了生命的意义。
6 during Dr7x3     
  • What did you do with yourself during the summer holidays?暑假你是怎样度过的?
  • London is full of visitors during May and June.五六月间伦敦挤满了游客。
7 borrowed GxqzhK     
  • I feel honor bound to repay the money I borrowed. 我觉得有责任归还我借的钱。
  • I have left the watch as pledge for borrowed money. 我留下这块手表作为借款的抵押物。
8 hopes 575d354f44532702b6e9ec2b9d600aef     
n.& v.希望n.希望( hope的名词复数 );希望的东西;被寄予希望的人(或事物、情况);抱有希望的理由v.希望,期望( hope的第三人称单数 );[俚语]相信,认为;希望,盼望,期待
  • He still hopes to win his claim against unfair dismissal . 他声称遭无理解雇,仍然希望赢得申诉。
  • a politician who embodied the hopes of black youth 代表黑人青年希望的政治家
9 could lzvxe     
  • Could I open the window?我可以打开窗子吗?
  • I could wait ten minutes.我可以等十分钟。
10 scientist fZoxc     
  • He is a black scientist.他是一位黑人科学家。
  • She has become a famous scientist.她成为著名科学家。
11 hates 64bc14f40627c1c18b46138f2e42c49c     
v.憎恨( hate的第三人称单数 );讨厌;不愿;为…感到抱歉
  • He hates leaving the office and going on holiday. 他不愿离开办公室去度假。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • He hates parties; we had to drag him into going. 他不喜欢参加聚会,我们必须拉他去。 来自《简明英汉词典》
12 interested WqFzGH     
  • to be interested in wildlife conservation 对野生动物保护感兴趣
  • I told him I wasn't interested, but he wasn't deterred. 我已告诉他我不感兴趣,可他却不罢休。
13 fishing OtgzZf     
  • We are interested in fishing.我们对钓鱼感兴趣。
  • Let's go fishing today.我们今天去钓鱼吧。
14 fails 24e7617f4fd84d8031b0f772147b1226     
v.在…中失败( fail的第三人称单数 );衰退;衰弱;破产
  • If Plan A fails, go to Plan B. 假如第一方案失败了,就执行第二方案。
  • There is a supplementary water supply in case the rain supply fails. 万一主水源断了,我们另外有供水的地方。 来自《简明英汉词典》
15 exams 66cc5c978a5d856f82819a8b397fc04b     
abbr.examinations 考试n.考试( exam的名词复数 )
  • I made a real balls-up of my exams. 我考试考得一塌糊涂。
  • Jake's passed his exams. We're going out to celebrate. 杰克已通过考试,我们要外出庆祝一下。
16 headteacher headteacher