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Who They Are: Conflict junkies are a combination of all the other types described, grafted1 into the most toxic2 and hostile contagion3 to ever poison the workplace. If Ebola was a personality type, it would be a conflict junkie.
How to Identify Them: They are the pathological bullies4 who harass5 even the most well-intentioned staff; the combative6 co-workers everyone has a horror story about; the rebellious7 employees so caustic9, they send their superiors into septic shock. They are completely resistant10 to civility.
What to Watch Out For: Like moles11, conflict junkies may initially12 appear submissive, but this is a ploy8 that lasts only until they have adjusted to a new situation. Like pretenders, once acclimated13, they become agents of disruption. CJ's go beyond the tactics used by directors to gain control, pitting colleagues against one another, sabotaging14 projects, undermining their superiors, withholding15 information to create conflict and misrepresenting situations to HR. Like panhandlers and headliners, they will go out of their way to feed their egos16. The difference? They act with no concern for consequence, even when it threatens their own careers.
How to Protect Yourself: Handling conflict junkies is more than a one-person job. Take advantage of your organization's policies, regulations and stated values. Leverage17 all penalties available, even those that require legal action, if needed. Report their conduct to HR, and encourage others to do the same so that you can build a case for their termination. If they cannot conduct themselves rationally and respectfully, you should refuse to assist, comply with, respond to or even acknowledge them. If all else fails, consider asking to be reassigned or taking a new job.


1 grafted adfa8973f8de58d9bd9c5b67221a3cfe     
移植( graft的过去式和过去分词 ); 嫁接; 使(思想、制度等)成为(…的一部份); 植根
  • No art can be grafted with success on another art. 没有哪种艺术能成功地嫁接到另一种艺术上。
  • Apples are easily grafted. 苹果树很容易嫁接。
2 toxic inSwc     
  • The factory had accidentally released a quantity of toxic waste into the sea.这家工厂意外泄漏大量有毒废物到海中。
  • There is a risk that toxic chemicals might be blasted into the atmosphere.爆炸后有毒化学物质可能会进入大气层。
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  • A contagion of fear swept through the crowd.一种恐惧感在人群中迅速蔓延开。
  • The product contagion effect has numerous implications for marketing managers and retailers.产品传染效应对市场营销管理者和零售商都有很多的启示。
4 bullies bullies     
n.欺凌弱小者, 开球 vt.恐吓, 威胁, 欺负
  • Standing up to bullies takes plenty of backbone. 勇敢地对付暴徒需有大无畏精神。
  • Bullies can make your life hell. 恃强欺弱者能让你的日子像活地狱。
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  • She believes that women are at least as combative as are.她相信女性至少和男性一样好斗。
7 rebellious CtbyI     
  • They will be in danger if they are rebellious.如果他们造反,他们就要发生危险。
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9 caustic 9rGzb     
  • He opened his mouth to make a caustic retort.他张嘴开始进行刻薄的反击。
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10 resistant 7Wvxh     
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  • They imposed their government by force on the resistant population.他们以武力把自己的统治强加在持反抗态度的人民头上。
11 moles 2e1eeabf4f0f1abdaca739a4be445d16     
防波堤( mole的名词复数 ); 鼹鼠; 痣; 间谍
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  • Two moles of epoxy react with one mole of A-1100. 两个克分子环氧与一个克分子A-1100反应。
12 initially 273xZ     
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  • Feathers initially developed from insect scales.羽毛最初由昆虫的翅瓣演化而来。
13 acclimated c0abb72c647f963fd22406def2d0342e     
v.使适应新环境,使服水土服水土,适应( acclimate的过去式和过去分词 )
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  • Have you become acclimated to Taiwan yet? 你已适应台湾的环境了吗? 来自辞典例句
14 sabotaging ba20b6ee606869e83e5a042beefced7e     
阴谋破坏(某事物)( sabotage的现在分词 )
  • Mr Smith fiercely denied any question of sabotaging the talks. 史密斯先生坚决拒绝任何企图阻挠谈话的提问。
  • Failed in sabotaging APEC summit in Sydney of Australia. 澳大利亚悉尼APEC会议遭遇惨败。
15 withholding 7eXzD6     
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16 egos a962560352f3415d55fdfd9e7aaf5265     
自我,自尊,自负( ego的名词复数 )
  • Their egos are so easily bruised. 他们的自尊心很容易受到伤害。
  • The belief in it issues from the puerile egos of inferior men. 这种信仰是下等人幼稚的自私意识中产生的。
17 leverage 03gyC     
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