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Woman, everything meant for you will come to you. If they have not come, just wait. Waiting is a skill that is learned.
Some festivals in our country, such as Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival are good enough. Why are you so excited about western festivals? It is tiresome1 to have so many festivals -- Father's Day, Mother's Day, Singles' Day, Silent Night...which are indeed a waste of time and energy, who needs a special date to give presents to his/her mother?
When my daughter grows up, I will tell her this: If a man says he feels bad because you commute2 in a crowded bus, complains that you don’t have meals regularly, keeps reminding you that drinking too much is bad for health, tells you to be careful on your way home on a rainy day, sends funny messages to you when you are sick in bed...Just ignore him! Stay with the man who drives you to work, accompanies you when you are sick, takes you to dinner, picks you up after work...A thousand sweet words are nothing against a real thing. We all have passed the age that takes words for love.
Expensive clothes are useless if the person wearing them is not noble.
If a woman does not depend on you for material or emotional support, then why does she have you? Don't be too demanding on women. Who can be beautiful and good at cooking? Midea electric cooker. Who can be cute and never grow old? Chibi Maruko. Who is economically independent and put you first? Your mum. And who is both beautiful and cute, good at cooking and never grow old, economically independent and put you first? It's your mum using Midea electric cooker to stew3 Chibi Maruko for you.
I will never attack others if they leave me alone. If other people attack me, I will respond with politeness. If they attack me again, I will chase them to the end of the world.
A 30-something woman should care less about the style but care more about the fabric4 when she buys clothes. If a 30-something woman has no man to love her, at least she has clothes of good fabric to protect her.
Judging a noble woman by her shoes, an exquisite5 woman by her nails, a sexy woman by her perfume, an elegant woman by her watch, a money-worshipping woman by her bag, an emotional woman by her writings, a virtuous6 woman by her specialty7 dish, a romantic woman by her pajamas8, a woman with petty bourgeoisie sentiments by her makeup9 bag…Upon reading this it suddenly dawns on me that I may not be a woman! I take out my identity card and it comforts me to see the gender10 is "woman". It's so rare for me to be a woman who is none of those and still live a great life!
As the desire swells11 rapidly, the inner self is weaker and weaker. I have seen too many famous women who are "international logistics" essentially12. They are towed with a number of big containers, which are all empty but they pretend they are not. They are carried so high but cannot stand a little shaking. As for me, I want to walk on real ground, and protect myself by sticking to reality.
The magic weapons of Korean TV series in the past are car crashes and cancer which is incurable13, nowadays the magic weapons are handsome young man with long legs who enjoy bathing.


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增强( swell的第三人称单数 ); 肿胀; (使)凸出; 充满(激情)
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  • He has an incurable and widespread nepotism.他们有不可救药的,到处蔓延的裙带主义。
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