His bride died young
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A couple of years ago, his beautiful bride died at an early age, but she kept visiting him every night. As the first rays of sunlight shone through the paper-screen windows, she would leave again. How he wished to be together with her all day long! The young man thought long and hard about what he could do to stop her from leaving every morning. At long last, the idea came to him of shutting out the sunlight from his room. He at once ordered a tailor to make a large, thick curtain that would prevent any sunlight from penetrating1 the window.
But even so, he failed to keep his bride at home. A strong gust2 of wind blew over a candle that was burning near the curtain, igniting3 not only it but also the paper-screen window and, finally, everything in the room. There was no time for the husband and his bride to put on their clothes; they ran away so fast that no one could catch up with them, and they vanished without a trace. As the fire kept burning, the house was consumed by flames and reduced to dust.
Neither of them were ever seen again. Some people said they had gone straight to heaven, while others thought they had gone to hell. No one came up with any plausible4 idea, except that everyone was sure both of them turned into ghosts and gone far away from the village they used to live. One old man declared it was the bride's ghost who asked her husband to go to heaven with her so that they would be able to live a happy life together in paradise5 for all eternity6. Another felt it was the husband who was jealous of her happy life and therefore lit the fire on purpose. Still another suggested that the bride had a ghost for a boyfriend, who was lovesick with missing her every night and found a way to be united with her. And there was yet another who thought that, perhaps, the bride was not really happy with her husband and lit the fire to kill him.
Whatever happened in reality, it's not up to us to prove whose idea is right or wrong. Ghosts are the product of human imagination, and no one has ever managed to catch one.


1 penetrating ImTzZS     
  • He had an extraordinarily penetrating gaze. 他的目光有股异乎寻常的洞察力。
  • He examined the man with a penetrating gaze. 他以锐利的目光仔细观察了那个人。
2 gust q5Zyu     
  • A gust of wind blew the front door shut.一阵大风吹来,把前门关上了。
  • A gust of happiness swept through her.一股幸福的暖流流遍她的全身。
3 igniting 629d3dc6cc8a474be671613ee5417bd6     
点燃,引发( ignite的现在分词 )
  • The invention of percussion compositions for igniting powders is usually attributed to Forsyth. 通常认为用以引燃的击发药是弗尔赛思发明的。
  • Finally, we need some means of igniting the mixture in the top of the cylinder. 最后我们需用一些装置点燃汽缸顶部的混合气体。
4 plausible hBCyy     
  • His story sounded plausible.他说的那番话似乎是真实的。
  • Her story sounded perfectly plausible.她的说辞听起来言之有理。
5 paradise KKJxT     
  • My house had a small backyard,the paradise of children.我那幢房子有一个小后院,那是孩子们玩耍的乐园。
  • On a hot day a dip in the sea is sheer paradise.热天洗个海水澡是十分令人惬意的事。
6 eternity Aiwz7     
  • The dull play seemed to last an eternity.这场乏味的剧似乎演个没完没了。
  • Finally,Ying Tai and Shan Bo could be together for all of eternity.英台和山伯终能双宿双飞,永世相随。
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