How a snack is born一款新零食是如何诞生的
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  How a snack is born一款新零食是如何诞生的

  Are you feeling peckish? Maybe it's a while until your next meal, so perhaps now you're thinking about reaching for a brightly coloured packet with something delicious inside. Maybe it's time for a snack. You're not alone, we all do it – but just how much work goes into developing and making the snacks that we all know and love?
  First, companies have to work out what people have an appetite for. Traditionally, they might just have asked people about their snack habits. In today's digital age, apps can ask customers to swipe right on the flavours they fancy. Companies can search the internet for every restaurant menu in a specific market, looking out for the latest taste trends and in-demand ingredients.
  Snack trends also change over time. When British supermarkets were encouraged to remove unhealthy snacks from the shelves next to where people queue up, companies were quick to provide healthier treats. They can also reflect different histories of migration. One British snack company found that flavours common in South Asian cuisine sold well in the UK, but less so in the US, where there is less of a tradition of Indian food. And demand for more sustainability has led some entrepreneurs to experiment with using insects as an alternative source of protein for snacks. Other brands market themselves as offering a fairer price to the producers of the raw ingredients.
  Of course, what might seem like the perfect idea might not actually be that practical. Ingredients that work well in a restaurant, might not work on a biscuit or crisp. Snacks that contain a lot of fresh ingredients may have too short a shelf life to be a viable product. Some designs might need expensive packaging to protect them, which stops them being profitable.
  There are many factors that influence our snacks. Those that are successful reflect our tastes and concerns but can be limited by the manufacturing process.
  peckish 有些饿的
  meal (一顿)饭,餐
  packet 小包,小袋
  delicious 美味的
  have an appetite for 对胃口,爱吃
  flavour (食物或饮料的)口味,味道
  menu 菜单
  taste 味道
  in-demand ingredient 热门的原料,需求量大的成分treat 零食
  cuisine 菜肴,烹饪
  protein 蛋白质
  raw ingredient 原材料
  biscuit 饼干
  crisp 薯片
  fresh ingredient 新鲜食材
  shelf life 保质期
  packaging 包装,包装材料