How does heartbreak affect us? “心碎” 对我们身心的影响
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  How does heartbreak affect us? “心碎” 对我们身心的影响
  大多数人在一生中都会有 “心碎” 的经历。这可能是在结束一段关系或失去亲友后感受到的悲痛之情。虽然在悲伤时你可能会感到 “心如刀绞”,但实际上你的心脏并没有受到任何损害。为什么你会感到如此强烈的心痛感?本文就此展开讨论。
  词汇:heartache 伤心
  Heartbreak has inspired thousands of songs, books and films, and, however much we try to avoid it, is something we are all likely to experience at some point in our lives. But what exactly is heartbreak, and how does it affect us?
  Heartbreak often occurs after a breakup, bereavement or the loss of a family member or friend. When this happens, we experience grief, which heartbreak is a form of. And it doesn't just have emotional effects – it affects us physically too. The word 'heartbreak' comes from the physical response to loss, described on BBC's The Why Factor as feeling like someone is 'physically squeezing the heart', though our hearts don't experience any real damage. Psychologist Guy Winch told the BBC that, although we tend to feel pain viscerally, the pain of heartbreak actually comes from the brain, and is a by-product of love.
  The emotional pain may be understandable, but why do we experience such physical pain? According to Florence Williams, author of Heartbreak: A Personal and Scientific Journey, when you connect with someone on an intimate level, your bodies can actually sync up. Cortisol levels and respiration rates can align, and heartbeats might regulate during sleep. When that partner is no longer there, our body reacts negatively to this change, causing us pain. The reason for this is evolutionary, Williams says. The nervous system acts as though it is under threat because, as social animals, we feel far more comfortable and safe with others than when alone. Therefore, the symptoms of heartbreak are a perfectly natural response, however hard they may be to cope with.
  So, if you have a broken heart, what can you do? Healthline suggests you should take time to grieve, reconnect with yourself, and surround yourself with supportive friends.
  heartbreak 心碎,过度伤心
  breakup (一段关系的)破裂
  bereavement 亲友丧亡
  loss 丧失,失去
  grief (尤指因某人去世引起的)悲伤,悲痛
  emotional 情绪上的,情感上的
  physical response 身体反应
  damage 损伤,损害
  viscerally 发自内心地
  by-product 附带产生的后果
  intimate 亲近的,亲密的
  sync up 同步
  cortisol level 皮质醇水平,氢化可的松水平respiration rate 呼吸速率
  heartbeat 心跳
  nervous system 神经系统
  under threat 受到威胁
  grieve (尤指因某人去世而)悲伤,伤心
  reconnect 重新建立良好的联系,重新了解
  supportive 给予帮助的,给予支持的

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