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It's all in the jeans
No longer the reserve of the weekend, jeans have finally ditched their dangerous liaison1 with soccer mums and the stonewashed Jeremy Clarkson effect. Instead, they've become a steadfast2 in any well-edited work wardrobe with designers thrusting a myriad3 of styles in our direction.
From cropped and frayed4 to indigo5 and high-waisted, you can't just roll into the office in any old pair. A boom in the market has seen luxury brands tap into denim's natural simplicity6 with the likes of Vetements and Gucci selling their iterations for well over £1000.
Sneaker pimps
High heels will always have their place in the office, but if we can get the same job done in a pair of trainers then bring it on. While they do offer a more comfortable solution to work wear, that doesn't mean you can afford to get lazy with your choices.
Rocking up to the office in a ratty pair of Asics will not make the cut, instead, take head of the thriving success of Adidas' Stan Smiths or Gazelle's, or opt7 for an embellished8 slip-on style.
When it comes to styling, the trick here is to pair them with a power-lite uniform of tailored trousers or even a straight cut jean with a boxy blazer.
Subtle scents9
When it comes to wearing perfume in the workplace, the more is more approach to smelly stuff has become seriously frowned upon.
While there was nothing understated about the 80s for instance - when sheathing10 yourself in Calvin Klein's Obsession11 was as much a part of power dressing12 as the suit - these days, there has been a shift towards less potent13 scents.
Some offices have even gone as far as to introduce scent-free workplaces and, while it's nice to smell good when you're surrounded by colleagues it's important to remember that a little goes a long way.
Barefaced14 beauty
With longer commutes15 into work, for women, every precious moment counts. While some battle against a throng16 of disapproving17 busybodies as they attempt to apply mascara on the tube, others have given it up altogether.
No longer an expectation, women are going to work - and anywhere they like for that matter - barefaced.
For years, tattoos20 have been considered part of a counterculture but they are increasingly becoming more popular than ever. From celebrities21 like Victoria Beckham to former PM's wife Samantha Cameron, tattoos are rapidly becoming part of the mainstream22 and luckily, it's something a growing number of employers are beginning to recognise.
Finally, modern workplace standards are recognising that having skin art has very little to do with your ability to do your job.


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