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1. Treat leopard1 print as a neutral
Animal prints are the new neutrals, there is simply nothing that they won't work with. Ms Moss2 mixes her trusty leopard and cheetah3 motifs4 with every colour, adding way more excitement than if she'd toned her look down with a jacket in navy, white or grey.
2. Wearing all-black cuts a powerful, slimming silhouette5
Wearing all-black offers a fast-pass to instant chic6 as it makes every figure look slimmer and more put-together. It's also a total time-saving strategy on hectic7 mornings, because you know that everything in your wardrobe will match.
3. Red lipstick8 can pull any outfit9 together, instantly
A shot of red lipstick can brighten the face, balance the skin's tone and, from a fashion perspective, it can make anything you wear look more deliberate and polished. It's a beauty trick that Kate has been employing for years, upping the ante on jeans, t-shirts and tuxedos10 alike.
4. Invest in good boots
Oh, to take a glance in Kate Moss's boot cupboard. From biker flats to over-the-knee heels, she's got every classic style and shape imaginable, offering chances aplenty to switch up her overall silhouette. Moss is evidently savvy11 to the vibe-changing magic which a simple shoe swap12 can achieve.
5. Sheer pop socks solve the bare ankle dilemma13
So just as you've got used to the fact that all trousers are cropped and nothing will ever be floor-length again, the weather turns nippy. Just look to Kate's ankles for the answer - subtly sheer pop socks.
6. Just add a scarf
We're not saying your weekend outfit of a t-shirt and jeans is boring, we're just saying... "Look how exciting Kate Moss has made hers with this teeny addition."
7. A statement coat makes the outfit
Rescue a boring outfit by draping a statement coat over the top. Anything boldly coloured, brightly patterned or tantalisingly textured14 will do the trick (and ideally, faux fur as well).
8. Belt up
Learn from Kate Moss's Met Gala look in 2008 as she's masterfully cinched in a Grecian-inspired dress with some strong silverware, giving herself instant curves.
9. Wear a scarf at your waist
Get even more use of those silk scarves by threading them through your belt loops and tying them at the hip15 to add a little boho flair16 to your favourite jeans.
10. Break your own style rules
The greatest style lesson we can take away from Ms Moss? Wear whatever you damn well want, just wear it with a supermodel attitude.


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  • Most tuxedos are black, but some people like to wear white ones called 'morning suits'. 大多数男士无尾晚礼服是黑色的,不过有些人喜欢穿那种被称为“晨服”的白色装。 来自互联网
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16 flair 87jyQ     
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  • He had a natural flair for business.他有做生意的天分。
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