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101. In the _____ of my long life I’ve known many changes which took place in this village.

A. course      B. cause       C. way       D. day

102. Some people say that smoking is a bad _____.

   A. custom    B. habit    C. manner   D. tradition

103. The activity is called "saving the earth" which refers to more reduction of ____ caused to the world by freon (氟里昂)of refrigerators.

   A. hurt        B. harm        C. destroy       D. damage

104. Oh, your coat is quite out of _____. You should buy a newer one.

    A. age    B. period    C. stage    D. date

105. I saw a beautiful golden fish in the street market ______.

    A. another day      B. a few days      C. other day        D. the other day

106. Don’t scold him. He was just trying to do a good _____.

    A. thing         B. act          C. manner        D. deed

107. When he was very young, my chemistry teacher took _____ in reading detective stories.

    A. happiness       B. delight       C. joy         D. like

108. What you said just now is out of my depth. This sentence probably means _____.

   A. I don’t like what you said.     B. I don’t mind what you said just now.

   C. I can’t understand what you said.    D. I didn’t hear what you said.

109. I’d like to buy a vase with a _____ of flowers on it.

    A. outline       B. design       C. map    D. form

110. He is a man of great determination. I am sure he will succeed in the end. The underlined sentence probably means _____.

A. He is a strong-minded person.       B. He is a man who likes to make a decision

C. He is a very weak person.     D. He is full of determination.

111. Write something every day. It’s a good habit to keep a _____ .    

A. daily        B. diary        C. record       D. letter

112. When the school was over, all the students scattered _____.

A. in all directions       B. to all directions

C. at all directions       D. to every directions

113. The main meal of the day, eaten in the middle of the day or the evening is called ____.

    A. meal        B. dinner       C. breakfast       D. supper

114. One of these guards, whom I had cured of a painful _____, was always praising my skill.

    A. illness    B. sickness   C. disease   D. disorder

115. The earth is divided into twenty-four time _____, China lying on No: 8, eastward.

    A. zones    B. areas    C. districts   D. regions

116. This pocket English dictionary cost me 2 US _____, that is more than 16 RMB _____.

    A. dollars; yuans  B. dollar; yuan   C. dollar; yuans  D. dollars; yuan

117. Look. The soldier are at _____ in the barrack yard.

    A. drill    B. exercise   C. practice   D. training

118. Which of the following is not a drink? _____

    A. beer       B. whiskey      C. coffee       D. caster oil

119. Through the customs at the capital airport, I had to pay _____ on the camera I had bought.

    A. taxes    B. duty    C. toll    D. custom

120. Nothing on      can separate Taiwan from our motherland.

   A. earth     B. world     C. land      D. globe

121. The problem was that Einstein's family did not have enough money to pay for his further       .

    A. school       B. studying       C. education       D. schooling

122. Inflation (通货膨胀) is having a disastrous (灾难性的)        on the economy

    A. effect        B. effort        C. impression      D. result

123. I know you don't like that guy (家伙) , but you could make a(n)        to be polite.

A. try        B. effort        C. hard        D. effect

124. Albert Einstein had a great _____ upon science and technology last century.

    A. effect    B. affect    C. effort    D. afford

125. The old man is quite able to take care of himself, he has seen the elephant. The underlined part means _____.

    A. The old man knows the elephant.    B. The old man once saw the elephant.

    C. The old man can take care of the elephant.  D. The old man is full of experience.

126. Mary doesn’t want to hear such a thing. If you say it again, you will make _____ of her.

   A. an enemy     B. a friend      C. a hater      D. a comrade

127. Young people usually have more energy than the old. The underlined word probably means _____.

   A. power      B. trouble      C. force      D. spirit

128. If you want to speak English fluently, you should first practise _____ English _____.

   A. everyday; everyday B. every day; everyday C. everyday; every day D. everyday; everyday

129. The researcher collected information, studied it, did a lot of        and learnt from the experiences of farmers.

   A. experiments      B. explanations     C. experiences      D. tests

130. --- How do you spend your weekend?

--- I usually earn        for working.

   A. money       B. salary      C. wages      D. extra

131. The magician said to the audience: “Ladies and gentlemen, before your very        I will now make this rabbit disappear.”

   A. eye         B. ear       C. head         D. mouth

132. When Ross, a foreign teacher heard the good news, she had a cheerful _____.

   A. face    B. countenance  C. facial    D. look

133. _____ speak louder than words. (prov.)

  A. Facts     B. Actions     C. Fancy    D. Factuality

134. The German expert you saw just now works in a cotton textile _____ , a joint venture enterprise in China.

    A. mill    B. factory    C. plant    D. works

135. Every year China’s Autumn Export Commodities _____ in Guangzhou attracts much attention of more and more businessmen or merchants all over the world.

    A. Firm        B. Show          C. Fair         D. Exhibition

136. The _____ planning is an essential national policy of our country, which encourages each couple only to bear one child.

A. family      B. home      C. house      D. population

137. The young couple bought a ________ with two halls and four rooms when they got married.

A. floor    B. home    C. family    D. flat

138. --- Can you tell me what time __________ No.172 arrives?

--- Sorry, I’m not sure of the time. It is said that it is postponed.

A. Plane        B. Flight        C. Flying        D. Aircraft.

139. --- How did you spend you summer vocation?

    --- I went to Beijing and stay there for fortnight. 

The underlined part probably means _____.

A. one week      B. two weeks       C. four days        D. three weeks

140. At the banquet, the host suggested drinking to their ever-lasting _____.

A. friend        B. friendly        C. friends        D. friendship

141. Beds, chairs, tables and desks are ______.

    A. furnitures   B. furniture   C. a piece of furniture D. articles of furnitures

142. Let's meet at the school        at nine to morrow morning, shall we?.

   A. gate         B. door        C. playground       D. ground

143. We often hear the old man sighed with feeling “The younger        don't know what hard work it is!”

    A. girls         B. boys           C. generation       D. parents

144. The reason why the two _____ cannot speak _____ language is that they were born in America and were brought up in a Japanese family.

    A. Germans; German  B. Germen; the German C. Germen; German D. Germans; the German

145. What on _____ do you mean by saying so?

    A. earth        B. world        C. land         D. ground

146. Last night one of my classmates took the gloves to me over the answers to the maths problem. The underlined part probably means _____.

    A. quarreled with me B. talked with me  C. took my gloves  D. gave me a pair of gloves

147. If a beard is a sign of smartness, the _____ will be a Socrates (苏格拉底). (prov.)

    A. sheep    B. lamb    C. goat    D. god

148. _____ helps those who help themselves. (prov.)

   A. Sky    B. Heaven   C. God    D. Glory

149. --- Look, that gentleman is wearing a beautiful _____ watch.

    --- I don’t think it is real one. Perhaps it is just a _____ one.

   A. gold; gold   B. golden; gold  C. golden; golden  D. gold; golden

150. --- Would you please tell me how to settle this maths problem?

   --- Oh, sorry, I can’t. You can go and ask John for help. He has the goods. The underlined part probably means _____.

   A. He has some goods to sell.     B. He wants some goods

   C. He has the ability to settle the problem.  D. He has bought some goods.

151. In the past few years, the Chinese _____ has achieved many successes in diplomacy, economics and many other respects.

   A. people    B. nation    C. country   D. government

152. At the news that 2004 Olympic Games would be held in Athens, the capital of _____, the _____ were very excited. They sang and danced to celebrated it all night long.

    A. Greeks; Greece  B. Greece; Greeks  C. Greeks; Greeks  D. Greece; Greece

153. If there has been burglary in your house, you should put       round it before the police arrive to investigate the case.

    A. guests        B. ladders        C. guards        D. poison

154. If a man receives no _____ at home, when abroad he’ll have no hosts. (prov.)

    A. customers   B. guests    C. callers    D. passengers

155. It has become the _____ for English families to go to the seaside in summer.

    A. habit    B. custom   C. hobbies   D. rules

156. He cut the apple ________, and gave the big to his little sister.

   A. into half        B. into halves     C. in halves       D. in the half

157. The student standing there was praised by his teacher on _____, but blamed by his friends on _____.

   A. a hand ... two hands                 B. one hand ... the other hand

   C. hands of ... the other hands          D. one hand ... another hand

158. --- Sorry, I don’t know how to work out this maths problem.

    --- Use your _____, and then you will find a way.

    A. mind    B. heart    C. brain    D. head

159. The doctor who cured my friend of cancer always serves others        and soul.

    A. heart        B. mind        C. spirit        D. head

160. When the teacher found the terrible writing of the naughty boy, he said angrily “Good       ! What on earth have you written?”

    A. God         B. heavens       C. heaven        D. hero

161. The 1998 flood is the worst disaster in the        of China. The people in the flood-stricken area overcame all kinds of difficulties.

   A. honey       B. time         C. history         D. homeland

162. At the social gathering the weather is the subject which usually breaks the _____.

   A. ice    B. iceberg   C. topic    D. instance

163. James was weak from a long _____ . I think he should have good rest and enough nutrition(营养).

    A. disease      B. sickness      C. illness       D. unhappiness

164. Some people here don't work hard but they get a good _______ from their investments.

    A. wage       B. earnings      C. income      D. salary

165. In America, the teen-age crime is on the _______. This is what the American public worry most.

    A. addition      B. increase      C. increasing      D. independence

166. As we all know, _____ is very famous for its software industry though it is a developing country.

    A. Japan    B. South Korea  C. India    D. Ireland

167. Which of the following words does not belong to the same category? _____

   A. institute   B. college   C. information desk  D. institution

168. Read the ______ on the box carefully before you take the medicine.

    A. instructions    B. teachings      C. advices      D. interpretation

169. The people performing all play different _______ and three of them sing, too.

    A. tools       B. musical machines    C. instruments    D. means

170. So long as you work hard enough, a(an) _____ rod can be ground into a needle. (prov.)

    A. steel       B. stick        C. gold        D. iron

171. You should put down your jacket, otherwise both of you will have a quarrel. That will make things worse. The underlined part probably means _____.

   A. wear your jacket  B. take off your jacket C. not be excited  D. throw away the jacket

172. Since the disaster of September 11, American economy has got into a jam. The underlined part probably means _____.

A. had a lot of trouble B. become very good C. got into a stop  D. developed rapidly

173. One of my Japanese friends sent me two _____, but I didn’t accept them.

   A. jewels    B. jewel    C. jewelry   D. jewelries

174. The teacher asked his students to help the old lady to do some housework and they made a good _____ of it.

   A. job    B. work    C. task    D. justice

175. I preferred to go there by plane, but I hadn't enough money to pay for the _______.

   A. trip        B. voyage       C. journey       D. tour

176. Three times the accused was brought to court for trail, he was sentenced half a year’s imprisonment by the _____.

    A. lawyer    B. official   C. officer    D. judge

177. You should turn to Mrs. Green. She is the key figure in the company. The underlined part probably means _____.

    A. a person who has the key        B. a very important person

    C. a new product                 D. a new policeman

178. There are four basic _____ of blood in the human body.  What do you belong to, A, B, AB or O?

    A. kinds    B. sorts    C. types    D. classes

179. In China, the majority of men earn their living by manual ______.

   A. labour       B. task        C. job        D. work

180. There is a _____ of understanding between them. Otherwise, they will be good friends.

   A. sufficiency   B. abundance   C. adequacy   D. lack

181. In the hospital, there are a lot of _____.

   A. ladies doctors    B. lady doctors  C. ladies doctor  D. woman doctors

182. To the sea captain’s surprise, he found that       travel could also be quite pleasant.

   A. earth        B. land         C. ground        D. plain

183. Hearing the funny speech given by the famous professor, all of us burst into _____.

    A. laughed       B. laughter      C. laughing       D. laugh

184. In no time the locusts came down and started eating everything --- the wheat, the corn, the grass and even the _____ on the tree.

    A. leaf         B. leafs         C. lemon         D. leaves

185. When I was at school, I had to learn a Tang poem by        each week.

   A. ear           B. mouth          C. heart          D. eye

186. The post-graduate wants to be a part-time      in the capital library where he can read some rare and precious books.

    A. library    B. librarian        C. assistant        D. help

187. The actor is very forgetful. He often forgets his        and his group can’t work regularly.

    A. line         B. litter        C.  license     D. lines

188. The truck is carrying a       of bananas.  All these will be sent to the north of China.

   A. loaf         B. lid         C. load         D. burdens

189. “        ” is a word in British English, which has the same meaning as “truck” in American English, such as: “lift/elevator”, “autumn/fall” and “luggage/baggage”.

   A. Lorry         B. Carriage        C. mini-bus     D. Coach

190. What impressed me most was that they never        even when they failed once again.

   A. lost hearts      B. lost their heart     C. lost heart      D. lost their hearts

191. Things went well for him during his early life but in middle age his        seemed to change.

   A. chance         B. success         C. way         D. luck

192. You are only allowed to take less than 30 kilograms of carry-on(随身携带的)        onto a plane.

   A. food        B. luggage        C. fruits         D. bag

193. You can find the town on recent       if you are afraid of losing the way there.

    A. picture        B. drawing        C. painting        D. maps

194. The old farmer went to the       nearby to sell his homemade basket every morning.

    A. fair         B. market        C. monument      D. fairy

195. According to the regulation, you can only borrow a       of ten books from the library.

   A. minimum       B. majority        C. main        D. maximum

196. On Sunday morning, Mother bought a piece of        at the butcher’s.

   A. flesh            B. meat    C. muscle    D. vegetable

197. My sister is a student of traditional Chinese _____ and five years later she will become a doctor.

   A. medicine       B. a medicine      C. medicines       D. medical

198. A good        is a great help in learning foreign languages.

A. mind           B. thinking        C. idea            D. memory

199. A _____ is a card on which the names and prices of foods provided in the hotel, restaurant or cafe are printed.

A. mask          B. notebook         C. menu          D. recipe

200. If by any chance someone comes to see me, ask them to leave a         .

A. message       B. letter          C. sentence        D. notice


101—105ABBDD 106—110DBCBA 111—115BABDA 116—120DADBA 121—125CADAD

126—130ACCAD 131—135AAABC 136—140ADBBD 141—145BACDA 146—150ACCDC

151—155DBCBA  156—160BBDAB 161—165CACCB 166—170CCACD 171—175CAAAC

176—180DBCAC  181—185BBBDC  186—190BDCAC  191—195DBDBD 196—200BADCA