中华人民共和国民事诉讼法 15
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第十章 对妨害民事诉讼的强制措施
Chapter X Compulsory1 Measures Against Obstruction3 of Civil Proceedings4
第一百条 人民法院对必须到庭的被告,经两次传票传唤,无正当理由拒不到庭的,可以拘传。
"Article 100 If a defendant5 is required to appear in court, but, having been served twice with summons, still refuses to do so without justified6 reason, the people's court may constrain7 him to appear in court by a peremptory8 writ9."
第一百零一条 诉讼参与人和其他人应当遵守法庭规则。
Article 101 Participants and other persons in the court proceedings shall abide10 by the court rules.
"If a person violates the court rules, the people's court may reprimand him, or order him to leave the courtroom, or impose a fine on or detain him."
"A person who seriously disrupts court order by making an uproar11 in the court or rushing at it, or insulting, slandering12, threatening, or assaulting the judicial13 officers, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by the people's court according to the law; if the offence is a minor14 one, the offender15 may be detained or a fine imposed on him."
第一百零二条 诉讼参与人或者其他人有下列行为之一的,人民法院可以根据情节轻重予以罚款、拘留;构成犯罪的,依法追究刑事责任:
"Article 102 If a participant or any other person in the proceedings commits any one of the following acts, the people's court shall, according to the seriousness of the act, impose a fine on him or detain him; if the act constitutes a crime, the offender shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law."
"(1) forging or destroying important evidence, which would obstruct2 the trial of a case by the people's court; "
"(2) using violence, threats or subordination to prevent a witness from giving testimony16, or instigating17, suborning, or coercing18 others to commit perjury19; "
"(3) concealing20, transferring, selling or destroying property that has been sealed up or distrained, or property of which an inventory21 has been made and which has been put under his care according to court instruction, or transferring the property that has been frozen; "
"(4) insulting, slandering, incriminating with false charges, assaulting or maliciously22 retaliating23 against judicial officers or personnel, participants in the proceedings, witnesses, interpreters, evaluation24 experts, inspectors25, or personnel assisting in execution; "
"(5) using violence, threats or other means to hinder judicial officers or personnel from performing their duties; "
or (6) refusing to carry out legally effective judgments26 or orders of the people's court.
"With respect to a unit that commits any one of the acts specified27 above, the people's court may impose a fine on or detain its principal heads or the persons who are held actually responsible for the act; if the act constitutes a crime, investigations28 for criminal responsibility shall be made according to the law."
第一百零三条 有义务协助调查、执行的单位有下列行为之一的,人民法院除责令其履行协助义务外,并可以予以罚款:
"Article 103 Where a unit which is under an obligation to assist in investigation29 and execution commits any one of the following acts, the people's court may, apart from enjoining30 it to perform its obligation, also impose a fine:"
 (1) refusing or obstructing31 the investigation and collection of evidence by the people's court;
" (2) refusing by banks, credit cooperatives or other units dealing32 with savings33 deposit, after receiving a notice for assistance in execution from the people's court, to assist in inquiring into, freezing or transferring the relevant deposit."
"(3) refusing by the unit concerned, after receiving a notice for assistance in execution from the people's court, to assist in withholding34 the income of the party subject to execution, in going through the formalities of transferring the relevant certificates of property rights or in transferring the relevant negotiable instruments, certificates, or other property; "
or (4) refusing to provide other obligatory35 assistance in the execution.
"With respect to a unit that commits any one of the acts specified above, the people's court may impose a fine on its principal heads or the persons who are held actually responsible for the act. "
The people's court may also put forward a judicial proposal to the supervisory organ or any relevant organ for the imposition of disciplinary sanctions.
第一百零四条 对个人的罚款金额,为人民币一千元以下。
"Article 104 A fine on an individual shall not exceed Renminbi 1,000 yuan. "
"A fine on a unit shall not be less than Renminbi 1,000 yuan and shall not exceed Renminbi 30,000 yuan."
The period of detention36 shall not be longer than 15 days.
"The people's court shall deliver detained persons to a public security organ for custody37. The people's court may decide to advance the time of release, if the detainee admits and mends his wrongdoings."
第一百零五条 拘传、罚款、拘留必须经院长批准。
"Article 105 Constrained38 appearance in court, imposition of a fine or detention shall be subject to the approval of the president of the people's court."
A peremptory writ shall be issued for constraining39 appearance in court.
A decision in writing shall be made for the imposition of a fine or detention. 
"The offender, if dissatisfied with the decision, may apply to a people's court at a higher level for reconsideration which could be granted only once. "
The execution of the decision shall not be suspended during the time of reconsideration.
第一百零六条 采取对妨害民事诉讼的强制措施必须由人民法院决定。
Article 106 Decision on the adoption40 of compulsory measures against obstruction of proceedings shall be made only by the people's court. 
"Any unit or individual that extorts41 repayment42 of a debt by illegal detention of a person or illegal distrainment43 of property shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to the law, or shall be punished with detention or a fine."


1 compulsory 5pVzu     
  • Is English a compulsory subject?英语是必修课吗?
  • Compulsory schooling ends at sixteen.义务教育至16岁为止。
2 obstruct sRCzR     
  • He became still more dissatisfied with it and secretly did everything in his power to obstruct it.他对此更不满意,尽在暗里使绊子。
  • The fallen trees obstruct the road.倒下的树将路堵住了。
3 obstruction HRrzR     
  • She was charged with obstruction of a police officer in the execution of his duty.她被指控妨碍警察执行任务。
  • The road was cleared from obstruction.那条路已被清除了障碍。
4 proceedings Wk2zvX     
  • He was released on bail pending committal proceedings. 他交保获释正在候审。
  • to initiate legal proceedings against sb 对某人提起诉讼
5 defendant mYdzW     
  • The judge rejected a bribe from the defendant's family.法官拒收被告家属的贿赂。
  • The defendant was borne down by the weight of evidence.有力的证据使被告认输了。
6 justified 7pSzrk     
  • She felt fully justified in asking for her money back. 她认为有充分的理由要求退款。
  • The prisoner has certainly justified his claims by his actions. 那个囚犯确实已用自己的行动表明他的要求是正当的。
7 constrain xpCzL     
  • She tried to constrain herself from a cough in class.上课时她竭力忍住不咳嗽。
  • The study will examine the factors which constrain local economic growth.这项研究将考查抑制当地经济发展的因素。
8 peremptory k3uz8     
  • The officer issued peremptory commands.军官发出了不容许辩驳的命令。
  • There was a peremptory note in his voice.他说话的声音里有一种不容置辩的口气。
9 writ iojyr     
  • This is a copy of a writ I received this morning.这是今早我收到的书面命令副本。
  • You shouldn't treat the newspapers as if they were Holy Writ. 你不应该把报上说的话奉若神明。
10 abide UfVyk     
  • You must abide by the results of your mistakes.你必须承担你的错误所造成的后果。
  • If you join the club,you have to abide by its rules.如果你参加俱乐部,你就得遵守它的规章。
11 uproar LHfyc     
  • She could hear the uproar in the room.她能听见房间里的吵闹声。
  • His remarks threw the audience into an uproar.他的讲话使听众沸腾起来。
12 slandering 0d87fbb56b8982c90fab995203f7e063     
  • He's a snake in the grass. While pretending to be your friend he was slandering you behind your back. 他是个暗敌, 表面上装作是你的朋友,背地里却在诽谤你。
  • He has been questioned on suspicion of slandering the Prime Minister. 他由于涉嫌诽谤首相而受到了盘问。
13 judicial c3fxD     
  • He is a man with a judicial mind.他是个公正的人。
  • Tom takes judicial proceedings against his father.汤姆对他的父亲正式提出诉讼。
14 minor e7fzR     
  • The young actor was given a minor part in the new play.年轻的男演员在这出新戏里被分派担任一个小角色。
  • I gave him a minor share of my wealth.我把小部分财产给了他。
15 offender ZmYzse     
  • They all sued out a pardon for an offender.他们请求法院赦免一名罪犯。
  • The authorities often know that sex offenders will attack again when they are released.当局一般都知道性犯罪者在获释后往往会再次犯案。
16 testimony zpbwO     
  • The testimony given by him is dubious.他所作的证据是可疑的。
  • He was called in to bear testimony to what the police officer said.他被传入为警官所说的话作证。
17 instigating 5b4b9f7431ece326d7b1568b7f708ce7     
v.使(某事物)开始或发生,鼓动( instigate的现在分词 )
  • Distant but clear Longyin instigating the eardrums of every person. 遥远却清晰的龙吟鼓动着每一个人的耳膜。 来自互联网
  • The leader was charged with instigating the workers to put down tools. 那位领导人被指控煽动工人罢工。 来自互联网
18 coercing ed7ef81e2951ec8e292151785438e904     
v.迫使做( coerce的现在分词 );强迫;(以武力、惩罚、威胁等手段)控制;支配
  • All of the children had atopic dermatis coercing at least 20% of their body surface area. 所有的患儿体表有超过20%的遗传性过敏症皮炎感染。 来自互联网
  • I assured him that we had no intention of coercing Israel in response a Soviet threat. 我向他保证,我们无意强迫以色列对苏联的威胁做出反映。 来自互联网
19 perjury LMmx0     
  • You'll be punished if you procure the witness to commit perjury.如果你诱使证人作伪证,你要受罚的。
  • She appeared in court on a perjury charge.她因被指控做了伪证而出庭受审。
20 concealing 0522a013e14e769c5852093b349fdc9d     
v.隐藏,隐瞒,遮住( conceal的现在分词 )
  • Despite his outward display of friendliness, I sensed he was concealing something. 尽管他表现得友善,我还是感觉到他有所隐瞒。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • SHE WAS BREAKING THE COMPACT, AND CONCEALING IT FROM HIM. 她违反了他们之间的约定,还把他蒙在鼓里。 来自英汉文学 - 三万元遗产
21 inventory 04xx7     
  • Some stores inventory their stock once a week.有些商店每周清点存货一次。
  • We will need to call on our supplier to get more inventory.我们必须请供应商送来更多存货。
22 maliciously maliciously     
  • He was charged with maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm. 他被控蓄意严重伤害他人身体。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • His enemies maliciously conspired to ruin him. 他的敌人恶毒地密谋搞垮他。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
23 retaliating c6cf6ecd71cb9abcbf0d6c8291aa3525     
v.报复,反击( retaliate的现在分词 )
  • The administration will begin retaliating in six weeks if EC policies remain unchanged. 凯特先生说,如果欧共体一意孤行,美国政府将于六周后开始报复。 来自互联网
24 evaluation onFxd     
  • I attempted an honest evaluation of my own life.我试图如实地评价我自己的一生。
  • The new scheme is still under evaluation.新方案还在评估阶段。
25 inspectors e7f2779d4a90787cc7432cd5c8b51897     
n.检查员( inspector的名词复数 );(英国公共汽车或火车上的)查票员;(警察)巡官;检阅官
  • They got into the school in the guise of inspectors. 他们假装成视察员进了学校。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Inspectors checked that there was adequate ventilation. 检查员已检查过,通风良好。 来自《简明英汉词典》
26 judgments 2a483d435ecb48acb69a6f4c4dd1a836     
判断( judgment的名词复数 ); 鉴定; 评价; 审判
  • A peculiar austerity marked his judgments of modern life. 他对现代生活的批评带着一种特殊的苛刻。
  • He is swift with his judgments. 他判断迅速。
27 specified ZhezwZ     
  • The architect specified oak for the wood trim. 那位建筑师指定用橡木做木饰条。
  • It is generated by some specified means. 这是由某些未加说明的方法产生的。
28 investigations 02de25420938593f7db7bd4052010b32     
(正式的)调查( investigation的名词复数 ); 侦查; 科学研究; 学术研究
  • His investigations were intensive and thorough but revealed nothing. 他进行了深入彻底的调查,但没有发现什么。
  • He often sent them out to make investigations. 他常常派他们出去作调查。
29 investigation MRKzq     
  • In an investigation,a new fact became known, which told against him.在调查中新发现了一件对他不利的事实。
  • He drew the conclusion by building on his own investigation.他根据自己的调查研究作出结论。
30 enjoining d17fad27e7d2704e39e9dd5aea041d49     
v.命令( enjoin的现在分词 )
  • Then enjoining him to keep It'strictly confidential, he told him the whole story. 叮嘱他严守秘密,然后把这事讲出来。 来自汉英文学 - 围城
  • The act or an instance of enjoining; a command, a directive, or an order. 命令的动作或例子;命令,指令或训谕。 来自互联网
31 obstructing 34d98df4530e378b11391bdaa73cf7b5     
阻塞( obstruct的现在分词 ); 堵塞; 阻碍; 阻止
  • You can't park here, you're obstructing my driveway. 你不能在这里停车,你挡住了我家的车道。
  • He was charged for obstructing the highway. 他因阻碍交通而受控告。
32 dealing NvjzWP     
  • This store has an excellent reputation for fair dealing.该商店因买卖公道而享有极高的声誉。
  • His fair dealing earned our confidence.他的诚实的行为获得我们的信任。
33 savings ZjbzGu     
  • I can't afford the vacation,for it would eat up my savings.我度不起假,那样会把我的积蓄用光的。
  • By this time he had used up all his savings.到这时,他的存款已全部用完。
34 withholding 7eXzD6     
  • She was accused of withholding information from the police. 她被指控对警方知情不报。
  • The judge suspected the witness was withholding information. 法官怀疑见证人在隐瞒情况。
35 obligatory F5lzC     
  • It is obligatory for us to obey the laws.我们必须守法。
  • It is obligatory on every citizen to safeguard our great motherland.保卫我们伟大的祖国是每一个公民应尽的义务。
36 detention 1vhxk     
  • He was kept in detention by the police.他被警察扣留了。
  • He was in detention in connection with the bribery affair.他因与贿赂事件有牵连而被拘留了。
37 custody Qntzd     
  • He spent a week in custody on remand awaiting sentence.等候判决期间他被还押候审一个星期。
  • He was taken into custody immediately after the robbery.抢劫案发生后,他立即被押了起来。
38 constrained YvbzqU     
  • The evidence was so compelling that he felt constrained to accept it. 证据是那样的令人折服,他觉得不得不接受。
  • I feel constrained to write and ask for your forgiveness. 我不得不写信请你原谅。
39 constraining cc35429b91ea67e2478332bc4d1c3be7     
强迫( constrain的现在分词 ); 强使; 限制; 约束
  • He was constraining his mind not to wander from the task. 他克制着不让思想在工作时开小差。
  • The most constraining resource in all of these cases is venture capital. 在所有这些情况下最受限制的资源便是投入资本。
40 adoption UK7yu     
  • An adoption agency had sent the boys to two different families.一个收养机构把他们送给两个不同的家庭。
  • The adoption of this policy would relieve them of a tremendous burden.采取这一政策会给他们解除一个巨大的负担。
41 extorts 0431251a3d50bc1d45895d9bcef6e79b     
v.敲诈( extort的第三人称单数 );曲解
  • Michael extorts a confession from his brother-in-law before having him killed. Michael在杀他的姐夫时,强迫对方忏悔。 来自互联网
  • He doesn't do his job well, he just extorts money. 他不办实事,就知道搂钱! 来自互联网
42 repayment repayment     
  • I am entitled to a repayment for the damaged goods.我有权利索取货物损坏赔偿金。
  • The tax authorities have been harrying her for repayment.税务局一直在催她补交税款。
43 distrainment 4d487756de8b8b1faaf89b1e49100e6a     
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