Affection 当一个人仰望天空
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  Affection 当一个人仰望天空
  ◎ Gail Harmer
  When a person is looking at the sky and imaging his own future, the first thought should be hisfuture home. This is like people desperately1 saving money to buy a house now,?in fact, peoplewant more than just a simple “nests”, but rather a warm home. This house is a load-bearing, it isnot the external show of its meaning, and the important thing is that one of the strong affectionrather than greasy2.
  When suddenly from the cool breeze, there is always someone quietly shutting the doors andwindows; quilts dropped, there is always someone to help gently starnpe. Worry, we will consolesomeone patient; pleasure jubilation3 when will the blessings4 of knowing someone. When a gloryfell upon us, the first one must be glad are family members; when invasion of out lonely hearts, thefirst one to conswlt us also must be our family.
  These seem small non-small, underestimate the importance of non-light none originated from aconstant mind, it is affection. Love this priceless, and the most real pro5. That affection is like atouch of green tea, refreshing6 eye-catching, fresh. Cold, the drink can be a warm-up; heat whenthe goods can be a cool-heart. Affection of the blood concentration and elegant are born with noresult has no roots, no grudges7, be they from. We are relatives, close relatives does not require anyrendering, without any reason, even without any deliberate cover up and maintain, it seems thatthis is a money situation unchanged. Suand indeed, near the temperature, touch and feel moretired, so tired of fan without a sense of redundancy. It is often of a most unusual flower, did notstruggle with the peony show, and rose never doo-yan, but also inadvertent on the plum of thearrogance, have no intention in the heroic epiphyllum. It side pure land, clear voice uttered asound of dull, people do not faint, not significant vulgar.
  Remember there is such a touching8 story of a disabled old man to take three orphans9, forchildren’s school, he even go to sell blood to manufacture its own car accident. This source is notfrom the affection from the blood. Forward and those who put their own biological parents orchildren of people who disregard the difference is really. Money and status of conscience tend todegenerate, and if we do not even have to give up affection, then we really have nothing. Since thehand of affection has always been warm, and she always put us to hold fast to provide us withpeace of mind safe place, and we abandon it once and those who do not clean into place, it willnever feel the warmth and satisfied. Where there is only indifference10 and because, while it remainsthe same affection for you wait for the return. Each family would have no reason to forgive you ofthe past, even if they hurt you once.?
  This affection is the tolerance11 and support for the key link of the article, all the sin and sufferingalways willing to relatives under the tam. Also remember that a novel has an old Chinesemedicine, he can cure all diseases, and there is a disease that only he can cure. Ancestors mayhave training: dead evil, do not save the greedy. He has broken the rules are broken for his son,when he knows his own son, of corruption12, he a people kneel at the graves before the suicide. Thisis a caring father, but also a filial descendants, he did not insist the loss of conscience. Affection,conscience, he would hold an ordinary disclosed in a noble, sad sigh are filled with, let us have togive birth to such a father means respect.
  This may be fabricated out of the literati are, but let people feel that it is indeed touching. Moreaffection in life are subtle, but significant changes in his time, leaving only affection but. We tendto neglect this precious thing, because it eternity13, or because it’s common? Each of us has a babywith this, but never put it as a baby to lose the time, they are irreparable.
  Not to mean a greeting, not to shy a hug, get close to our families, cherish this extraordinary andnoble affection, and that is the most timeless really the most appropriate.


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adj. 多脂的,油脂的
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