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Almost every person has an appreciation1 for natural environments. In addition, most people find healthy or pristine2 locations with high biodiversity more beautiful and aesthetically4 pleasing than environmentally degraded locations. In a study which computed5 'aesthetics6' as it relates to coral reefs, a multidisciplinary group of researchers have shown that an objective computational analysis of photographic images can be used to assess the health of a coral reef. Since antiquity7, philosophers and art historians around the world have searched for universally valid8 criteria9 for aesthetic3 principles -- in other words, a way to quantitatively10 describe things like beauty and ugliness. The development of a powerful new computational approach will now allow for a more comprehensive assessment11 of what people find aesthetically pleasing. 
Working together, mathematics, biology, and art history researchers from San Diego State University, the Getty Research Institute, and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography created a tool to computationally measure the aesthetic appearance of coral reefs. The results demonstrate that objective visual cues generated from random12 photographic images can be used to reliably assess both the beauty and health of coral reefs around the world.
The collaborators compiled and modified a list of 109 visual features that can be used to assess the aesthetic appeal of an image, such as the relative size, color, and distribution of discernable objects within the image, as well as texture13 and color intensity14. They then created a computer program capable of assessing these features in images and used it to analyze15 more than 2,000 random photographic images of coral reefs from around the world. The program produced an aesthetic score for each reef ecosystem16
The study, 'Can we measure beauty? Computational evaluation17 of coral reef aesthetics,' was published Nov. 10th 2015 in the scientific open access journal PeerJ. The findings show striking similarities between the aesthetic score produced for random reef images and the health of the respective reef ecosystem as evaluated by reef scientists. 
"Our results suggest that our perception of aesthetics is well-aligned with healthy, thriving ecosystems," said Andreas Haas, an SDSU postdoctoral scholar and primary researcher of the study.


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  • I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to you all.我想对你们所有人表达我的感激和谢意。
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  • The professor advanced a new aesthetic theory.那位教授提出了新的美学理论。
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  • Segmental construction contributes toward aesthetically pleasing structures in many different sites. 对于许多不同的现场条件,分段施工都能提供美观,颇有魄力的桥型结构。
  • All isolation techniques may be aesthetically unacceptable or even dirty. 所有的隔离方法都有可能在美观方面使人难以接受,或甚至是肮脏的。
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adj.[医]计算的,使用计算机的v.计算,估算( compute的过去式和过去分词 )
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