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1. Sort of felt like I was playing hooky. 感觉有点像在旷工。
2. Come rain or shine, I'm at my Starbucks by 7:15.
3. I love them to pieces. 我爱死他们了。
4. Cover letters are so old-fashioned. 求职信太老套。
5. Well, I guess that's meeting me. 我想这正合我意。
6. We got to do that again, for sure, but okay if we take a rain check?
7. I want you to know I've been a company man all my life.
8. Hey, you check this one off your list, okay? 嘿,这件事别顾虑了,好吗?
9. Maybe hero the girl in the red shirt. 或许该突出穿红衬衫的那个姑娘。
10. I need you to sign off on this, like, two hours ago. 大概两小时前,我就要你审核了。
11. It's your call, Justin. 你说了算,贾斯汀。
12. Because you have to set the tone. 因为你得起表率作用。
13. I'm pretty psyched myself. 我自己也很激动。
14. I like how you roll. 我喜欢你的风格。
15. Don't dawdle1 in any way. 反正别磨叽。
16. Baby steps. 慢慢来。
17. I'm happy to cover for Mike. 我很乐意给麦克代班。
18. Goes without saying. 不说我也知道。
19. He's major. 他是最佳人选。
20. Word travels fast. 消息传得真快。
21. Be there or be square. 不见不散。
22. Over the hump. 渡过难关。
23. Cracks me up. 让我笑到不行。
24. I'm so slammed next week. 下周我真忙不过来。
25. Totally saved our butts2. 给我们帮了很大的忙。
26. We're doing a fiesta lunch next Friday. 下周五我们要举行一次节日午餐。
27. Taking the high road is exhausting. 秉持正确的理念真累人。
28. She works on all cylinders3 all the time. 她每时每刻都在竭力工作。
29. I'm not trying to brownnose you. 我不是想拍你马屁。
30. She could just, like, transport you. 她能让你身临其境。
31. Hold your horses, maniac4! 悠着点儿,疯子!
32. I bust5 my ass6 for her 14 hours a day, and she never notices.
33. Let's clean-slate it. 让我们重新开始。
34. Busy man about town. 社交繁忙啊。
35. Everyone's flipping7 out about it. 大家都很激动。
36. I think that's kind of self-explanatory. 我觉得答案显而易见。
37. Double-time it, dude. 赶紧啊,老兄。
38. Hey, what's with the waterworks, little one? 嘿,小朋友,你哭什么呢?
39. What's your whole take on the CEO thing? 首席执行官这事你是什么看法?
40. I mean, you're more on the inside than I am. 我意思是,你比我更了解。
41. I know Jules is trying to do right by everybody. 我知道朱尔斯试图让所有人都称心。
42. You don't look like you. 你看上去不在状态。
43. Under all this man stuff that you so admire, I'm just a big bowl of mush.
44. You're not actually taking the rap for any of this, are you?
45. He bowed out so that I could do this. 他辞职了,好让我创业。


1 dawdle untzG     
  • Don't dawdle over your clothing.You're so beautiful already.不要再在衣着上花费时间了,你已经够漂亮的了。
  • The teacher told the students not to dawdle away their time.老师告诉学生们别混日子。
2 butts 3da5dac093efa65422cbb22af4588c65     
笑柄( butt的名词复数 ); (武器或工具的)粗大的一端; 屁股; 烟蒂
  • The Nazis worked them over with gun butts. 纳粹分子用枪托毒打他们。
  • The house butts to a cemetery. 这所房子和墓地相连。
3 cylinders fd0c4aab3548ce77958c1502f0bc9692     
n.圆筒( cylinder的名词复数 );圆柱;汽缸;(尤指用作容器的)圆筒状物
  • They are working on all cylinders to get the job finished. 他们正在竭尽全力争取把这工作干完。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • That jeep has four cylinders. 那辆吉普车有4个汽缸。 来自《简明英汉词典》
4 maniac QBexu     
  • Be careful!That man is driving like a maniac!注意!那个人开车像个疯子一样!
  • You were acting like a maniac,and you threatened her with a bomb!你像一个疯子,你用炸弹恐吓她!
5 bust WszzB     
  • I dropped my camera on the pavement and bust it. 我把照相机掉在人行道上摔坏了。
  • She has worked up a lump of clay into a bust.她把一块黏土精心制作成一个半身像。
6 ass qvyzK     
  • He is not an ass as they make him.他不象大家猜想的那样笨。
  • An ass endures his burden but not more than his burden.驴能负重但不能超过它能力所负担的。
7 flipping b69cb8e0c44ab7550c47eaf7c01557e4     
  • I hate this flipping hotel! 我讨厌这个该死的旅馆!
  • Don't go flipping your lid. 别发火。
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