Back among the Living
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Back among the Living

Dick Allen

Back among the living, recovered from my sickness
or past lives, or both, however you want to read me,I seek out stone fences. I try to amuse. I wander
here and there beneath Earth’s great blue skies.I find a railroad trestle and walk across it,
arms outstretched as if I’m a scarecrow.In a dark alley1, I draw a tic-tac-toe game
in blue and yellow chalk upon a brick wall,leaving the game for whoever comes along to fill it in
or ignore. Que sera sera, as my mother used to say.“What am I?” she’d ask. “A service elevator? A fire escape?
The last piece of peanut brittle2 in an oval tin?”
Among the living, when I enter any new room,
I look out every window possible,drawing back drapes, raising up Venetian blinds
and bamboo shades to see what I can see,like the bear that went over the mountain
who found on the other side of the mountainonly the other side of the mountain,
his story a little piece of crazy Zen.
And when, among the living, someone floats
an idea about the size of a bar of Ivory soap,I try to be the first to grasp it, so eager
to make a fool of myself, I becomeashamed of my reaching. I eat Chinese food.
I worship in banks. I prostrate3 myselfin wholesale4 stores beneath towering stacked goods,
and when I sleep, which isn’t very much,I find myself dreaming of tree surgeons
cutting down everything beside my bed.
This living, I tell anyone who will listen,
makes about as much sense as a dirigible,or why so many spend their lives
trying to avoid the certainty one dayDeath will meet them head on. The last thing they’ll see
will be the prow5 of a ship, a train cowcatcher,a Chevrolet grill6. Oh well, as my father
used to whisper when he’d finished an ice cream cone,that’s all there is. Que sera sera. What can you do
but lick your fingers and get on with it.


1 alley Cx2zK     
  • We live in the same alley.我们住在同一条小巷里。
  • The blind alley ended in a brick wall.这条死胡同的尽头是砖墙。
2 brittle IWizN     
  • The pond was covered in a brittle layer of ice.池塘覆盖了一层易碎的冰。
  • She gave a brittle laugh.她冷淡地笑了笑。
3 prostrate 7iSyH     
  • She was prostrate on the floor.她俯卧在地板上。
  • The Yankees had the South prostrate and they intended to keep It'so.北方佬已经使南方屈服了,他们还打算继续下去。
4 wholesale Ig9wL     
  • The retail dealer buys at wholesale and sells at retail.零售商批发购进货物,以零售价卖出。
  • Such shoes usually wholesale for much less.这种鞋批发出售通常要便宜得多。
5 prow T00zj     
  • The prow of the motor-boat cut through the water like a knife.汽艇的船头像一把刀子劈开水面向前行驶。
  • He stands on the prow looking at the seadj.他站在船首看着大海。
6 grill wQ8zb     
  • Put it under the grill for a minute to brown the top.放在烤架下烤一分钟把上面烤成金黄色。
  • I'll grill you some mutton.我来给你烤一些羊肉吃。
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