Day That I Have Loved
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Tenderly, day that I have loved, I close your eyes,

  And smooth your quiet brow, and fold your thin dead hands.

  The grey veils of the half-light deepen; colour dies.

  I bear you, a light burden, to the shrouded1 sands,

  Where lies your waiting boat, by wreaths of the sea's making

  Mist- garlanded, with all grey weeds of the water crowned.

  There you'll be laid, past fear of sleep or hope of waking;

  And over the unmoving sea, without a sound,

  Faint hands will row you outward, out beyond our sight,

  Us with stretched arms and empty eyes on the far-gleaming

  And marble sand. . . .

  Beyond the shifting cold twilight2

  Further than laughter goes, or tears, further than dreaming,

  There'll be no port, no dawn-lit islands! But the drear

  Waste darkening, and, at length, flame ultimate on the deep.

  Oh, the last fire —— and you, unkissed, unfriended there!

  Oh, the lone3 way's red ending, and we not there to weep!

  (We found you pale and quiet, and strangely crowned with flowers,

  Lovely and secret as a child. You came with us,

  Came happily, hand in hand with the young dancing hours,

  High on the downs at dawn!) Void now and tenebrous,

  The grey sands curve before me. . . .

  From the inland meadows,

  Fragrant4 of June and clover, floats the dark, and fills

  The hollow sea's dead face with little creeping shadows,

  And the white silence brims the hollow of the hills.

  Close in the nest is folded every weary wing,

  Hushed all the joyful5 voices; and we, who held you dear,

  Eastward6 we turn and homeward, alone, remembering . . .

  Day that I loved, day that I loved, the Night is here!


1 shrouded 6b3958ee6e7b263c722c8b117143345f     
v.隐瞒( shroud的过去式和过去分词 );保密
  • The hills were shrouded in mist . 这些小山被笼罩在薄雾之中。
  • The towers were shrouded in mist. 城楼被蒙上薄雾。 来自《简明英汉词典》
2 twilight gKizf     
  • Twilight merged into darkness.夕阳的光辉融于黑暗中。
  • Twilight was sweet with the smell of lilac and freshly turned earth.薄暮充满紫丁香和新翻耕的泥土的香味。
3 lone Q0cxL     
  • A lone sea gull flew across the sky.一只孤独的海鸥在空中飞过。
  • She could see a lone figure on the deserted beach.她在空旷的海滩上能看到一个孤独的身影。
4 fragrant z6Yym     
  • The Fragrant Hills are exceptionally beautiful in late autumn.深秋的香山格外美丽。
  • The air was fragrant with lavender.空气中弥漫薰衣草香。
5 joyful N3Fx0     
  • She was joyful of her good result of the scientific experiments.她为自己的科学实验取得好成果而高兴。
  • They were singing and dancing to celebrate this joyful occasion.他们唱着、跳着庆祝这令人欢乐的时刻。
6 eastward CrjxP     
  • The river here tends eastward.这条河从这里向东流。
  • The crowd is heading eastward,believing that they can find gold there.人群正在向东移去,他们认为在那里可以找到黄金。