Police investigate Lohan break-in 洛杉矶警方调查Lohan住宅遭
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Los Angeles police are investigating after Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan's home was broken into for the second time in three months.

洛杉矶警方着手调查Mean Girls影星Lindsay Lohan住宅三个月内两次遭窃案件。

Lohan was not at the house when the burglary occurred
Lohan was not at the house when the burglary occurred

Police said the Hollywood Hills home was burgled(偷窃) on Sunday morning while the 23-year-old and her younger sister, Ali Lohan, were out.

A statement from her publicist said many of Lohan's personal belongings1 were taken "without remorse2(无情的)".

No arrests have yet been made in connection with either incident.

Publicist Leslie Sloane-Zelnik added that police had been given the security surveillance video from Lohan's home.

Celebrity3 news website TMZ reported that the actress found the house had been broken into after coming home at about 0300 local time and called her father, Michael Lohan, who called the police.

Mr Lohan told TMZ that a safe was ripped off a wall in the home and that a couple of watches had been taken.

Police said a previous burglary attempt was reported at Lohan's home in May.

It had been reported the suspects in that incident were apparently4 frightened off by the alarm, but were captured on videotape trying to gain entry.


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  • I put a few personal belongings in a bag.我把几件私人物品装进包中。
  • Your personal belongings are not dutiable.个人物品不用纳税。
2 remorse lBrzo     
  • She had no remorse about what she had said.她对所说的话不后悔。
  • He has shown no remorse for his actions.他对自己的行为没有任何悔恨之意。
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  • Tom found himself something of a celebrity. 汤姆意识到自己已小有名气了。
  • He haunted famous men, hoping to get celebrity for himself. 他常和名人在一起, 希望借此使自己获得名气。
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  • An apparently blind alley leads suddenly into an open space.山穷水尽,豁然开朗。
  • He was apparently much surprised at the news.他对那个消息显然感到十分惊异。