日期:2017-07-07 Volvo has announced that it is to stop producing diesel and petrol only cars from 2019. 沃尔沃宣布从2019年开始将停产纯柴油和汽油动力的车型。 In whats been described as an electric shock to auto manufacturers around the world, Volvo has announced tha... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-07-07 Dutch telecom company KPN has teamed up with Tencent, owner of WeChat messaging service to launch a WeChat Go SIM card for Chinese tourists visiting Europe, the operator announced on Wednesday. 荷兰电信运营商KPN周三宣布,该公司与腾讯共同为到欧洲旅游... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-07-06 The National Museum of China in Beijing has become the most-visited museum in the world, according to the latest figures. 最新数据显示,中国国家博物馆成为世界上参观人数最多的博物馆。 The statistics for 2016 also show a boom in museum attendance acro... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-07-06 A set of industry standards were released Wednesday to regulate Chinas booming bike-sharing industry. 本周三,中国公布一套规范共享单车市场的行业标准。 Shanghai and Tianjin have drafted regulations to take effect on Oct. 1, after taking advice from b... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-07-05 China will accelerate the use of natural gas to combat pollution. 中国将加快天然气的使用以消除污染。 China will promote efficient, large-scale use of natural gas in sectors including industrial fuel, gas-fired power and transportation, according to... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-07-05 Chinas three major telecom operators will pilot 5G technology in several cities during the second half of this year, the Economic Information Daily reported Wednesday. 《经济参考报》周三报道,中国三大电信运营商将在今年下半年在某些城市试点5G技术。 Th... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-07-05 Chinese tech giant Tencent is implementing strict new rules on its widely-popular online game King of Glory in response to concerns from parents. 面对家长们的担忧,腾讯将对其广受欢迎的在线游戏《王者荣耀》执行严格的限制。 Under the new restrictions,... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-07-05 New Yorks iconic, blue-green statue of liberty wasnt always green. 纽约的标志性蓝绿色自由女神像并不一直都是绿色的。 When the statue was gifted to the US from France in 1885, she was actually a shiny copper color. A new video reveals the chemical rea... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-07-03 You might resent paying 5p for a carrier bag in your local supermarket but the biggest designers want you to fork out 174 times that price for one. 你可能会不愿意花5便士在当地超市买一个购物袋,但顶级设计师们却要你为此支付174倍的价钱。 Fashion houses... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-07-03 If youre unsatisfied with your cup size but dont want to splash out on a breast enhancement, a quirky new T-shirt might be a cheap and pain-free alternative. 如果你对自己的罩杯不满意,又不想花钱丰胸,一款奇异的新T恤也许是个便宜又无痛的选择。 The biz... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-07-03 Beach lovers rejoice - you can now enjoy a stroll along the beach without burning your feet on the scorching hot sand. 沙滩爱好者们可以欢庆了,你们现在可以漫步在沙滩上,且不必忍受滚烫的沙子灼伤脚底的感觉。 An Italian company has created stick-on sol... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-07-03 Giving your child a smartphone is like giving them a gram of cocaine, a top addiction therapist has warned. 一位顶级的成瘾治疗师警告说,给孩子一部智能手机就好像给他们一克可卡因。 Time spent messaging friends on Snapchat and Instagram can be just as... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-07-03 As mans best friends, dogs deserve the best in life, and when it comes to housing, a UK company is ready to offer them just that. Hecate Verona is all set to launch the worlds first line of luxury dog mansions, with the most expensive models costing... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-07-03 Self-defence classes have reportedly seen a surge in applications after Britain was hit with three terrorist attacks in three months. 据报道,英国在三个月内遭受三次恐袭后,防身术课程申请创新高。 Many people have expressed interest in the classes to... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-07-03 A Japanese sports shop is reporting a surge in demand for nipple covers as mammary gland concealment becomes all the rage in the eccentric Far-Eastern country. 据一家日本体育用品商店称,顾客对乳贴的需求激增。这是因为日本这个奇葩的国家现在十分流行隐... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-06-30 The major Chinese logistics company SF Express has been given the legal go-ahead for drone package deliveries, the first company to receive official permission for such a service, reports thepaper.cn. 澎湃新闻报道,顺丰速运已获准使用无人机运送包裹,... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-06-30 Japanese table tennis star Ai Fukuhara said on Thursday that she is pregnant and expecting to have a baby this fall. 日本乒坛明星福原爱周四表示,她现在已怀孕,孩子将于今年秋天出生。 The 28-year-old star, who married Chiang Hung-chieh, a table tennis... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-06-30 An amazing new landmark of water and light may soon join Chongqings already spectacular skyline. 重庆业已壮观的地平线上将再添一道靓丽的光与水的风景。 Plans are well underway for a new musical fountain, shooting more than 200 meters into the sky, the... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-06-30 China Southern Airlines became the countrys first carrier to use facial recognition, with the technology put into use Wednesday at Jiangying Airport in Nanyang City, Henan Province. 中国南方航空公司成为国内首家采用脸部识别的承运单位,本周三河南南阳... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-06-29 China Southern Airlines announced on Wednesday that a new air route from northeast Chinas Harbin to Irkutsk will begin services in July. 中国南方航空周三宣布,将于7月份开通一条哈尔滨飞伊尔库茨克的新航线。 Flight CZ8339/40 connects Harbin, capital of... 阅读全文>>

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